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Energy Management System Using Hybrid Wind And Solar Microgrid With Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC)

Posted on:2019-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:NARESH KUMAR KHATRIKLFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330590975537Subject:Electrical engineering
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A hybrid photovoltaic-wind system is a combination of solar photovoltaic,wind turbine,inverter,battery,and other components.Once the power resources(wind and solar energy)are adequate,excess power that is generated is fed to the battery until the point that it is completely charged.Battery which are called storage unit is the most crucial part of any isolated renewable energy system.Battery management directly determines efficiency and optimality of system operation.Therefore,the battery becomes possibly the most important part when the renewable power sources(solar PV– wind)cannot keep up with the load demand until the point when the capacity of the battery is exhausted.The operation of hybrid solar PV–wind micro grid framework relies upon the individual component.The hybrid system modeled in this thesis is wind-solar hybrid system due to the abundance of resources and their complementary availability.The system mainly consists of solar and wind generation unit,battery for storage and power electronic converters.When renewable generation from solar and wind units exceed the load demand,excess energy is stored in the battery so that it may be later utilized when generation is not enough to meet load demand.Therefore,battery charge and discharge control are very important for system efficiency and cost reduction.The modeled system generates an approximate of 3KW wind power and 1KW solar power as the renewable power source energy.Keeping in mind the end goal to obtain the optimum output from every part,first we model the single component,from that point which their combination can be assessed to meet the required dependability.Triangular membership functions were chosen for the configuration of the fuzzy logic controller.This controller based management framework for batteries has been designed for effective power usage.The proposed strategy controls the battery operations of charging and discharging.Battery bank will be in the charging phase when the renewable power source energy is higher than the load power,similarly the battery will be discharged when the renewable power source control is lower than the load power.All these decisions are undertaken by using the triangular membership functions of the fuzzy controller.Simulation results are analyzed and they clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed controller.This research proposed an intelligent battery energy management system based in Fuzzy Logic Controller.
Keywords/Search Tags:Battery storage system, solar power generation, wind power generation, state of charge, fuzzy logic control, DC load
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