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Distributed Control And Test Research Of Intelligent Electric Heterogeneous Vehicle Platoons

Posted on:2019-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330596460404Subject:Vehicle Engineering
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It is significantly meaningful to study cooperative control of intelligent vehicle platoons since it can improve the safety and efficiency of the transportation system,and develop the fuel economy.The existing research lacks a general description for vehicle platoon cooperative control method,and it mainly focuses on the longitudinal following behavior in the platoon.Therefore,it is difficult to analyze that the heterogeneous vehicle platoon with multiple information topology and different control objectives.Limited by the cost and safety of the actual vehicle experiments,the research on vehicle platoons often concentrates on more software simulation,but less experimental verification.As a result,a general framework is proposed,a distributed model predictive controller(DMPC)for vehicle platoon is designed and micro-intelligent vehicle experiment platform is developed for experimental verification.The main research contents are demostrated as follows(1)A general framework is proposed for intelligent vehicle platoons which divides into an informational interaction layer and a vehicle-node control layer.It provides general mathematical expressions of intelligent vehicle platoons,which denote the V2 X information flow topology,the platoon formation geometry and the vehicle-node dynamic characteristics.It can also be adopted in the diverse information flow topology,the changing formation geometry and the heterogeneous characteristics of vehicle platoons.(2)A distributed model predictive controller(DMPC)for vehicle platoon is introduced,based on the theory of model predictive control.The proposed DMPC constructs suboptimization problems,where the states of neighborhood vehicle nodes are introduced,rather than the global states of all vehicles.Consequently,several open-loop optimization issues can be hanlded at every sampling time.The local dynamic model,optimization targets and constraint conditions contribute to every suboptimize problem.This optimization design method does not need the global state information of the system,so it can be regarded as distributed optimization control.(3)A cooperative control experimental platform is designed with micro-intelligent vehicles.Several 1:5 micro-intelligent vehicle robots are introduced,which can simulate real intelligent vehicle in kinetics,control strategy and communication system.The basic design of hardware experiment is realized.(4)With the micro-intelligent vehicle platform,the software system is developed for vehicle control,sensing and communication equipment.Precise control of vehicle speed is verified by motor drive and encoder,a V2 X cooperative communication system,laid foundation for WAVE protocol stack,is designed.The distributed control system with the ROS publicationsubscription communication framework is proposed to realize fusion of multi-information and micro vehicle platoon collaboration in the area.
Keywords/Search Tags:heterogeneous vehicle platoons, distributed model predictive control, microintelligent vehicle platform, V2X communication, ROS development framework
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