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Research On Energy Optimal Dispatching Method For AC/DC Hybrid Microgrid With High Density Distributed Energy Grid-connected

Posted on:2020-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Microgrid can effectively integrate various kinds of distributed generation technologies,Give full play to the econolic and environmental benefits of new energy generation and smart grid,and also meet users' requirements for the reliability and safety of power supply and the diversification of power supply demand.With the application of DC load more and more widely,AC/DC hybrid microgrid has attracted more and more attention as a form of power supply that can combine the advantages of AC and DC microgrid.High density distributed new energy generation and its output randomness to system has put forward higher and higher requirements to energy scheduling in microgrid.Taking the integrated operation cost of the microgrid as the objective function,taking the necessary constraints,such as the power balance constraint into considering,at the same time,the uncertainty of distributed wind power and photovoltaic power generation was taken into account,a stochastic opportunity constrained programming model is used to establish the energy optimization management model of AC/DC hybrid micronetwork.In the light of the different load characteristics of AC and DC regions in AC/DC hybrid micronetworks,direct load control and load interruption were adopted for the AC load,and load translation method was adopted to carry out demand side management of the DC load.The objective function and partial constraint condition of the model are constructed by random chance constraint.In view of the unbalanced power deviation in the actual operation of the system,a reasonable unbalanced power reduction scheme was formulated.The firefly algorithm was improved by introducing chaos search.The improved firefly algorithn has better performance which was applied to design the solving process of the established model.The proposed model can fully use the demand side management technology to improve the economy and power reliability of the rmcrogrid when considering the output uncertainty of the distributed new energy generation system,and is suitable for AC/DC hybrid microgrid.
Keywords/Search Tags:AC and DC hybrid microgrid, distributed energy, demand side management, energy scheduling, firefly algorithm, unbalanced power adjustmen
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