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Performance Based Mechanism Design For Electricity Market

Posted on:2018-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330590477573Subject:Electrical engineering
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The increasing penetration of renewable energy represented by photovoltaic and wind power will bring about frequent climbing problems.The power generation space of traditional thermal power units is squeezed,and the regulation ability of power grid is reduced.The output characteristics of renewable energy make an increasing demand for flexible adjustable resources for the power system.However,currently the main generation capacity in China is coal-fired power,and the proportion of flexible power supply is much lower than that in America and some European countries.At the same time,along with the electricity market reform in China,the clearing mode considering cost only will make gas turbine and other flexible resources less competitive.Through performance based mechanism design,this paper optimizes the allocation of resources considering both performance and cost,to incentive high quality resources and to keep the power system safe operation and long-term sustainable development.Firstly,analyzing the new requirements to thermal power units according to the challenge under high proportion of renewable energy and taking regulation performance and regulation effect into consideration,the performance index system for energy market is established,and analytic hierarchy process is used to make the performance evaluation.According to the regulation market experience from foreign countries,the regulation performance indicators are listed from the aspects of regulation mileage,regulation benefit and regulation performance.Then,a differentiated clearing mechanism for energy market is designed considering performance.A performance based energy market and reserve market co-optimization clearing model is proposed.Considering performance based regulation market transaction mode,a performance based energy market and regulation market co-optimization clearing model is established.Compared with traditional clearing mode,numerical results show that the proposed mechanism can increase the competitiveness of high-quality power resources,adjust the resources according to their strength,and optimize the system power supply structure.Finally,considering the climbing requirements of the system under high penetration of renewable energy,introduce flexible ramping products in the market transactions.Coordinate system scheduling with load aggregators,design compensation rules considering load response uncertainty,and calculate compensation expectation of load aggregators considering their response characteristics differences.A load response performance based and power performance based two stage market clearing mode is proposed.The numerical results verify its effectiveness.
Keywords/Search Tags:electricity market, mechanism design, performance, differentiated clearing mechanism, two-stage clearing mode
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