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Transactive Coordination And Control Of Distributed Energy Resources In Smart Grids

Posted on:2019-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M J JiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330590492190Subject:Electrical engineering
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With the deterioration of ecological environment and the depletion of traditional energy resources worldwide,the development and utilization of clean,sustainable renewable energy resources have become an important trend in the energy industry.At the same time,large-scale blackout accidents let people think about the hidden dangers of centralized energy supply and the high cost limits the promotion of long-distance transmission.Distributed energy resources(DER)technology helps to solve the above problems and is studied and applied more and more widely.Based on the idea of transactive control(TC),this paper studies the transactive coordination and control of DERs in smart grids with energy optimization as the main goal.This paper takes the microgrid as a starting point.The energy optimization problem of microgrid is modelled,the Lagrange dual decomposition process and the solution based on TC are derived,and the practicability of the solution is analyzed.Based on the modular modeling method of cyber physical system(CPS),a cyber physical energy management system model of microgrid is established and a general interactive process is then given.To deal with the problem that the cost and income functions are difficult to quantify,the heuristic bidding strategies for various DERs are proposed.As a result,based on one-time clearing TC method,the coordination and control of DERs in mirogrid is realized.The simulation verifies the effect of this method in peak shaving,economic improvement and increase of renewable energy consumption rate,as well as the rationality of proposed heuristic bidding strategies.Then,this paper extends the above approach to the active distribution network(ADN)whose network structure is more complicated.Combining TC with CPS,a cyber physical transactive energy system is proposed,in which the physical system,the cyber system and the local markets have a consistent structure and are tightly coupled.Based on this,the interaction process between agents at different layers and the interaction protocol of each agent are defined,so that the TC method is extended to the hierarchical TC method and the coordination and control of DERs at different layers in ADN is realized.The simulation verifies the effect of this method in energy optimization,congestion management,interface fuction between transmission and distribution network,and distribution network reconfiguration.Finally,this paper further extends the above approach to the integrated energy system(IES),and proposes a transactive coordination and control method for multiple IESs(multi-IES)in the same distribution area.The method applies an autonomous-collaboration bilayer architecture:each IES implements autonomous optimization in the lower layer,and multi-IES are coordinated in the upper layer based on dichotomy iterative clearing TC method.Also,the method applies dual time-scale operation process,including day-ahead and in-day optimization.The simulation verifies that this method can fully use the complementarity among multiple IES s to further improve the economic effect and renewable energy consumption rate,and can reduce the influence of prediction error and unexpected events on energy optimization results.In the context of DERs' wide integration,based on the TC method,this paper studies the coordination and control of DERs in microgrid,ADN and multi-IES.The study is of great significance to the stable and efficient operation of smart grid.
Keywords/Search Tags:distributed energy resources, transactional control, energy optimization, cyber physical system, smart grid, microgrid, active distribution network, integrated energy system
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