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Research On Coordinated Control Strategy For DC Microgrid

Posted on:2018-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330590977588Subject:Electrical engineering
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DC microgrid is a highly efficient method to utilize distributed recourses,providing high quality of electricity to the consumers.Its system architecture has considerable economic benefits over AC micro grids and traditional distribution system.DC microgrid builds connection between distributed energy resources,storage unit,load and AC grid,which needs coordination for the reliable operation of the system.This thesis comprises of research work related to energy management and coordination control algorithm in DC microgrid.Research on DC microgrid structure is used to build DC microgrid architecture,which is based on photovoltaic(PV)power generation and battery energy storage.This work also includes the mathematical modeling of bidirectional DC/AC and AC/DC converter.The operating characteristics of micro resources and working model of converter have been analyzed.System's working model has been divided on the basis of hierarchical energy management and bus bar voltage control algorithm.Switchover between every mode by hierarchical bus voltage control,to achieve the objective of microgrid coordination control is also studied.Moreover,peer-to-peer control has been used to understand the coordination control of microgrid by highlighting the distributed characteristics and improving reconstitution ability.Each equipment has no communication line and follows the same energy management algorithm to control itself,achieving the upper level goal of system coordination control.The control method of PV power generation unit,energy storage unit,networking unit and load unit in different running condition have been researched thoroughly.In the end,the microgrid simulation is performed in PSCAD environment,equipment level and system level control algorithm has been verified.By using the same control algorithm,seamless switching between networking operation,islanding operation,as well as the plug and play of energy storage unit or distributed resources has been performed.Analysis of simulation results proves the robustness of control algorithm.
Keywords/Search Tags:DC microgrid, distributed resources, voltage hierarchical control, energy management
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