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Research And Design Of 10kV Distribution Network Feeder Automation System

Posted on:2019-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K L SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330593951957Subject:Agricultural engineering
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Today,as the human society continues to develop,the world is advancing every day,and the times are changing,but there are also many problems.The shortage of power resources and how to supply more efficient power have gradually become topics of in-depth research.How to further transform urban and rural power grid projects,improve the reliability of power supply,improve the quality of power supply and service,optimize the operation of power grid,improve the economic benefits and management level of power supply enterprises,and design an accurate and reasonable fault location system is the current focus of particular attention.After careful design,this project has initially established a new power supply network system.The main research ideas of this paper are: First on the current advantages and disadvantages of existing operation mode of the feeder automation system and compares the profound analysis,identified by FTU feeder automation system for running the system,clear based on FTU feeder automation system is introduced in this paper the function of each part,according to the function of the feeder automation system to realize its internal hardware and software design and the construction of the corresponding communication network,on the basis of the single-phase earth fault in small current grounding system and its point of transient capacitance current and inductor current analysis and explanation,On the basis of the analysis of the normal line and fault section of the transient capacitance current of the difference of free oscillation component,this paper proposes a comprehensive line selection method,and the proposed line selection,positioning algorithm simulation verification,determine the algorithm of 10 kv single-phase earth fault feeder,create 10 kv feeder in liaoyang single-phase earth fault line selection and location algorithm research model of the system;Finally,the application of feeder automation system in the renovation project is described.The in-depth study on the 10 k V feeder automation system in liaoyang area is conducive to the construction of intelligent distribution network,and has certain theoretical and practical significance for the transformation of urban and rural power grids..
Keywords/Search Tags:power supply network system, feeder automation, fault location, transient zero-sequence current
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