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Research On Power Distribution Optimization Control Method Of AC Microgrid Based On Multi-Agent

Posted on:2020-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330596475175Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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With the increasing shortage of energy,the use of renewable energy sources has become an effective and necessary method.The microgrid is a very effective form of utilizing renewable energy.In the microgrid,active power and reactive power are the two very important indicators of the efficiency and economics.In practical applications,the line impedance often affect the equalization of load capacity.The improper method of evenly dividing the load capacity may cause the accelerated aging of the DG bears a large power output,which results in adversely affecting the stability of the microgrid.In addition,the packet loss and delay that may occur in data communication may also impact the stability of the microgrid.Firstly,the principle of voltage and current double loop control and droop control is introduced,and the power distribution characteristics of droop control are analyzed.Then the theoretical derivation and practical examples are given to illustrate the influence of line impedance on the power distribution of droop control in practical applications.Next,from the practical engineering point of view,in order to solve the problem of uneven distribution of DG power in the microgrid due to line impedance,the appropriate multi-agent consistency algorithm is selected and introduced.Next,combined with the droop control,DG is regarded as the agent,and the micro-grid active power and reactive power splitter based on multi-agent consistency algorithm is designed to solve the power distribution problem of the traditional power generation device.Next,considering the uncontrollable characteristics of the active energy of the new energy DG,in order to split the load evenly,the apparent power allocation strategy is proposed to adapt to the microgrid contains new energy generation.The conditions that the strategy can divide the apparent power is given,and the apparent power splitter is designed to adapt to the characteristics of new energy generation.Finally,according to the delays and packet loss of the cycle control in the pratical project,the event-triggered idea and above design are combined,the event-triggered based active power,reactive power and the apparent power splitter are designed.Taking the AC microgrid composed of three DGs as an example,the above-mentioned splitter are simulated in the matlab/simulink simulation environment,and the advantages and disadvantages of each distributor are obtained through comparison.Besides,thecommunication delay is also simulated,the performance of multi-agent AC microgrid power splitters based on event triggering is studied,and all the splitters are summarized.
Keywords/Search Tags:Power allocation, Droop control, Line impedance, Multi-agent consistency algorithm, Event trigger
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