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Research On Single-phase Energy Storage Inverter Based On Double Active Bridge And H6 Bridge Circuit

Posted on:2021-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 21st century,the world has been faced with the problem of non renewable resources shortage.As a big energy user,China's energy shortage has become increasingly prominent.On the one hand,in order to solve the global energy crisis,on the other hand,in order to better realize China's sustainable development,it is imperative to research and develop new energy.Solar energy as a widely distributed and pollution-free renewable energy,is one of the ideal alternative energy as a photovoltaic array bridge between and among grid photovoltaic energy storage battery inverter,is essential in the development of distributed energy smart grid energy Internet technology current for high power density,high reliability and low cost PV energy storage requirements of inverter,photovoltaic energy storage research optimization design method of inverter in order to get high-performance technology is of great significance.In this paper,the single-phase photovoltaic energy storage inverter is taken as the research object,and a new architecture of photovoltaic energy storage inverter based on parallel-series double active bridge circuit is proposed to realize the battery charging and discharging circuit H6 bridge circuit to realize the network side converter and half the number of routing relay circuit and switch off the network.This paper mainly analyzes and optimizes the battery charging and discharging circuit,bidirectional inverter circuit and energy routing relay circuit.In view of the disadvantages of traditional two-stage battery charging and discharging circuit,such as complex circuit,poor reliability,low working efficiency and low cost performance,this paper studies the one-stage battery charging and discharging circuit based on parallel series double active bridge circuit,and uses the method of dual phase shift control to realize the bidirectional flow of energy from battery to DC bus and the full load soft switching in a wide input and output range.Therefore,the energy conversion efficiency,power density and cost performance of the battery charging and discharging circuit in the photovoltaic energy storage inverter are improved.According to the technical requirements of common mode leakage current suppression,H6 bridge circuit is used as the grid side converter of photovoltaic energy storage inverter in this paper.The working mode of the circuit is studied and analyzed,and the uniform monopolar modulation strategy of inverter and rectifier is proposed,which effectively solves the problem of leakage current and reduces the complexity of programming at the same time.In view of the high cost and low reliability caused by a large number of relays in the traditional energy routing relay circuit,as well as the disadvantages that are not conducive to the realization of high-power density energy storage inverter,this paper proposes an energy routing relay circuit with the number of relays reduced by half,which can ensure the seamless switching function between parallel and off grid,reduce the cost and improve the power density and reliability.In view of the high reliability design requirements of photovoltaic energy storage inverter,based on the analysis of the principle that two relays are used in the traditional insulation detection circuit to detect the insulation resistance of the dual channel photovoltaic input,this paper proposes a dual channel input insulation resistance detection circuit based on a single relay,which can effectively improve the reliability of the detection circuit and reduce the cost.The paper also improves the auxiliary power circuit of the photovoltaic energy storage inverter to ensure that the energy storage inverter can work normally in all working modes.This paper presents the main parameters design and control parameters setting method of the optimized battery charging and discharging circuit and the H6 bridge bidirectional converter.Finally,the simulation model of the battery charging and discharging circuit and the H6 bridge bidirectional converter in the photovoltaic energy storage inverter is established by using the PSIM simulation software,and the experimental prototype of the 4.6kw single-phase photovoltaic energy storage inverter is built.The correctness and feasibility of the theoretical analysis and design method are verified by simulation and experiment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Parallel series double active bridge circuit, H6 bridge bidirectional converter, energy routing relay circuit, reliability design
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