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Research On Economic Optimization Configuration Of Grid-Connected Energy Storage System Based On Tabu Search Algorithm

Posted on:2021-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H T ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330605971713Subject:Electrical engineering
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With the improvement of power supply quality requirements of power users,the power quality of power grid has attracted much attention.The traditional method is to solve this problem only by investing in expansion of power distribution equipment or upgrading of transmission lines.The energy storage system connected to the power grid is proposed in this paper.By utilizing the advantages of the energy storage system that can store and release electricity at any time,the power quality of the power grid can be improved,so as to improve the power supply capacity of the power grid.Access location,capacity,in addition,the energy storage system and its operation scheduling policy affects the power supply of the power system power quality,also to the overall system operation efficiency,therefore,this paper summarizes the existing power system through configuration in the way to improve the power quality on the basis of the energy storage system,aiming at optimizing the allocation of energy storage system is connected to the electricity grid economy were studiedFirstly,this paper introduces the development of energy storage technology,the corresponding economic optimal configuration and the research status of improving power quality.Taking the simple line model as an example,this paper mainly analyzes the influence of the access of energy storage on the voltage distribution of the power grid and the network loss,and preliminarily draws the conclusion that the access location and capacity of the energy storage system have a great influence on the power grid.Secondly,on the basis of the above research,the interests of the investors from the energy storage system is put forward to two or morethings system running economy,and considering system node voltage deviation from normal situation,investment cost based on energy storage system,line loss,main power purchase cost lowest cost and the overall minimum node voltage deviation is the storage location of the target,the multi?objective optimization model of constant volume,after combining energy storage configuration and dispatch system,set up to reflect the load fluctuation of the load energy storage operation strategy model of standard deviation for the target,thus to reduce power loss and the purpose of the individual payment.Thirdly,the advantages of the tabu search algorithm selected in this paper are briefly described,and its search neighborhood is improved to solve the problem of energy storage system access to power grid siting and capacity determination,and the power flowcalculation of power distribution network is analyzed,as well as the specific steps of the application of tabu search algorithm.Finally,through the calculation and analysis of the ieee?33 node distribution network system and the actual line in an urban area,the results show that when the grid is in the peak load period,there is a situation of low voltage caused by insufficient power,so it is necessary to introduce the energy storage device,and use the device to provide active power supplement for the system.The introduction of energy storage devices can significantly improve the system node voltage,and at the same time will not make large?scale changes to the existing grid structure.The optimal configuration model of energy storage system based on tabu search algorithm considered in this paper is conducive to the reduction of network loss and the improvement of system economic benefits and power quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Energy storage system, Power quality, Tabu search, Economic optimal allocation
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