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Aesthetic Research Of Virtual Reality Technology

Posted on:2019-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2405330548452552Subject:Literature and art
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In recent years,"VR" technology has achieved great development in core technologies and has been extensively studied in various fields such as education,medical care,security,and art.At the same time,it has also begun to be put into the use of specific fields and has gradually become popular Well-known.2016 was called "VR first year."The author thinks that "VR" technology is only a virtual reality technology in a narrow sense.The term "virtual reality technology" in the broad sense refers to a series of techniques for creating a virtual reality environment created by humans through practical activities during the long course of human history.It can be understood that any technology that puts human virtual thinking into practice and creates a virtual reality environment can be called virtual reality technology."VR" technology is only the current form of virtual reality technology development.This article takes the generalized virtual reality technology as the research object and divides it into four parts to study the aesthetics of virtual reality technology.The first part of the thesis,the introduction,explains the research object,research category,research status and research ideas of this article.The research object is the generalized virtual reality technology including "VR" technology.The research category is aesthetic research,specifically the investigation of the aesthetic form of virtual reality technology.Analyze the aesthetic occurrence mechanism and its aesthetic features of virtual reality technology.Analyze the new aesthetic trend of VR technology.With regard to the research status of virtual reality technology,the author analyzed and summarized the"four aspects".The second part of the dissertation,the changes in the aesthetic form of virtual reality technology,examine the historical context of the development of virtual reality technology,and the aesthetic mechanism and features of virtual reality technology in each stage.This paper thinks that virtual reality technology has gone through four stages of behavioral virtual,symbolic virtual,digital virtual,and "VR" virtual.The aesthetic mechanism is mainly based on the virtual reality environment stimulation and the human organ nerve perception.The third part of the thesis,the aesthetic characteristics of virtual reality technology,discusses the aesthetic features of virtual reality technology.This article thinks that virtual reality technology has three aesthetic features:reality,immersion,and interaction.The sense of reality comes from the construction of the subject image,space-time environment and logical experience;Immersion has three artistic characteristics:fanaticism,artistic conception and purification;Interactivity can be divided into three modes:emotional interaction,social interaction,and full-scale interaction.The fourth part of the thesis,the current situation of virtual reality technology and its new aesthetic trend,studies the development,technology and implementation path of "VR,,technology.This article thinks that "VR" has experienced three stages:early practice,preliminary development,and continuous development;The system configuration includes hardware equipment components and key technology components;The realization paths are data information processing and organ nerve perception.At the same time,it discusses the aesthetic development trend of VR technology.It is refer that there are four new aesthetic trends in VR technology:perceived channel diversity,data capture accuracy,real-time data transmission,and data computing capability enhancement.In short,virtual reality technology has always been accompanied by the development of human society and is an important part of human social life.The aesthetic research of virtual reality technology is the core proposition to explore human survival and development in social development and historical process.VR technology is the contemporary form of virtual reality technology development.However,it is still in continuous development and it is necessary to continue to overcome core technical problems before it can realize another revolution in human virtual reality technology.
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