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A Research On The Application Of The Continuation Task To English Writing Teaching In Senior High School

Posted on:2019-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The improvement of writing competence is one of the significant links in the process of English learning and also a headache that has perplexed Chinese learners over a long period of time.In 2017,the documentary issued by the Ministry of Education entitled,‘High School English Curriculum Standard'pinpoints the objective of language skills in writing senior high school students need to be reached that is ability-oriented.A growing number of front English teachers begin to value English writing.Over a long period of time,English teachers and students have poured quite a lot of time and effort into writing but fail to achieve the expected goals.The crux of the problem is short of language environment.However,the continuation task method can to some extent bridge the gap of the absence of native-like environment through the integration of reading and writing to create a language context where English learners can interact with the text.Accordingly,this research employs it into writing teaching to enhance the efficiency of foreign language learning.Research subjects of this study mainly comes from Class 14 with 60 students from Grade One in No.One Senior High School in Luoyang.Research instruments adopted primarily are interview,questionnaires and classroom observation to collect and analyze data to answer the following two research questions.1)What problems may arise in the process of the application of the Continuation Task to English writing teaching? 2)What factors lead to the problems arising in the process of the application of the Continuation Task to English writing teaching?Through the analysis of the collected data,it is found that there are a series of problems emerged in the process of implementing the continuation task method to English writing instruction.First,reading texts presented are beyond most of students' ability.As a result,students are incapable to have access to the key information from the texts completely in the process of reading and fail to grasp the outline of the texts correctly and result in the deviation in the comprehending.Secondly,students are unable to capture and make the most of the information given at the beginning of the paragraph to complete the continuation tasks,causing the problem of low level of integration with the original text.Additionally,they can not employ the key words in the texts into their own writing tasks flexibly.Ultimately,the problems relevant tostudent individual had an unfavorable impact on the effect produced by the method.For instance,most of students maintain that the continuation is inconsistent with the writing test required by Gaokao(the college entrance examination)and thus are less willing to spend additional time to practice on the continuation activity.In conclusion,these phenomena emerged were caused by various factors,involving personal and social aspects.Personally,some students are originally not interested in writing for their poor foundation in English.Socially,more students affected by external factors,like,teachers,schools,parents as well as Gaokao system and even training classes in society.
Keywords/Search Tags:writing teaching in senior high schools, Continuation Task, hidden problems, triggering factors
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