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A Report On Translation Of The Excerpts Of The Sustainable Development Of Constructing And Upgrading A "Resource-conserving And Environment-friendly Society

Posted on:2019-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The establishment of urban agglomeration is the trend of urban development in China and also the main economic activity.The development of urban agglomeration has become an important part of China's economic map,therefore,the related urban agglomeration development government work report and its publicity work is particularly important.The translation material is a general report on the ustainable Development of Constructing and Up grading a Resource-conserving and Environment-friendly Society.The translation practice aims to show the development and construction strength of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan urban agglomeration to international friends,and attract investment and talents into the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan area.Moreover,this translation practice is helpful for the study and practice of the translation of the government work report on the development of urban agglomeration in China.When translating this kind of information text of government work report,the standard and accuracy of language are required to reduce the difference between source and target language.It is required to retain the textual features of the government work report to achieve the formal equivalence,therefore,in this translation task,the translator uses Nida's functional equivalence theory as the guide to analyze the Chinese characteristic words,numeral abbreviations and four-character idioms that appear in the translation project.This translation practice report consists of four parts.The first part describes the translation tasks.The second part is a brief introduction to the process of translation projects.The third part is case analysis.In the translation of Chinese characteristic words,the translator adopts the free translation method for some words which contain specific Chinese culture,and literal translation is made to the translation of proper nouns in the Chinese characteristic vocabulary.When translating the numeral abbreviations,the translator adopts the free translation method when the number contains relatively short information,and when the information is too much,the translator adopts the literal translation with annotation method.For the four-character idioms,the accuracy of the language is considered,the free translation method is used for the four-character idiom,the literal translation method is used for the four-character case in parallelism.Considering the language structure,part of the four-character adopts the method of conversion.The translator adopts the method of subtraction,in view of the use of the same or similar words in some four word words for structural or rhetorical symmetry.The fourth part is a summary of the translation practice.The translator summarizes the translation practice work,as well as the inspiration and prospects in future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Functional equivalence Theory, urban agglomeration, Chinese characteristic vocabulary, numeral abbreviations, four-character idioms
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