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Research On Visnal Design Language Of Enterprise Brand Image

Posted on:2019-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J R ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330563457064Subject:Art and design
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Putian,as a city with a strong cultural history,has developed its woodcarving culture since the early Tang Dynasty.Its history of local woodcarving techniques has been precipitated through many years of history,and many woodcarving artworks with extremely high artistic value have been created.In recent years,the market demand of wood carving in China has increased year by year,prompting the increasing number of local wood carving companies.In the thriving period of economic interest and market demand,the eyesight of craftsmen and business decision makers has turned to technological innovation,processing,channel development,and the expansion of various application of markets.The woodcarving companies that completed the original capital accumulation and the development of the company scale has turned to the turning point of brand transformation.At the same time,most companies arestill in a state of low awareness of the corporate brand visual-identity system.It has become an important issue in all sectors of society that to make the traditional arts and crafts exert its maximum value.“Huaxiangtang "" as a traditional handcraft company.Except for its exquisite products,the visual elements representing the artistic height and cultural connotation of the products are the soul of the brand.As a business brand name card,visual identity system is not only the link between products and consumers but also the most direct way for products to face consumers.The arousal of consumers' desire to purchase is often accompanied by the transmission of visual elements.Therefore,how to integrate the traditional products with the VI visual elements is a required course for current product companies.This essay attempts to explore the cognitive features of the aesthetics and the local cultural connotations through the study of the wood carvings in Putian,which is not only the design concept that VI design should absorb,but also the national cultural connotation that every Chinese should understand.This essay is divided into three parts.The first part is the introduction,which elaborates the topic selection,thepurpose of the research,the innovation parts of the research and literature review.The second part is the main body of this essay.It mainly conducts the analysis of the previous field surveys and literature data,and the study of the artistic expression characteristics of Putian wood carving.In this part it will design a complete set of visual Identify systems combining its humanistic connotation and aesthetic characteristics.The main body of the essay is divided into four chapters: The first chapter is mainly to interpret the relevant professional concepts and related terminology.The second chapter describes the history of Huaxiangtang,the wood carving company and its development in the industry and corporate brand culture history.The third chapter will analyze the problems existing in Huaxiang in Putian wood carving industry and in the domestic market,then it will presents new solutions.The fourth chapter systematically analyzes the design from two aspects of design style and design concept,and integrates the auxiliary graphics into the later application system to integrate the design and produce the finished product.The third part is the conclusion and it will summarize the research results,pointing out that only by deepening into the cultural connotation level and tapping its spiritualcharacteristics can we take good use of the traditional culture flexibly in the modern design,and make it inherited through the enterprise communication system.
Keywords/Search Tags:traditional Putian wood carving, creative features, humanistic connotation, visual design language
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