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The Influence Of Target Readers On The Translation Of Proper Names In English Guides:A Report On The Translation Of Implementation Guide For Utilities

Posted on:2019-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The translation task was initiated by Publisher X in Nanjing.The source text Implementation Guide for Utilities is a guide book about green tariff programs.It belongs to an informative text with a large quantity of proper names.Therefore,it has become a challenge to translate these proper names accurately in this translation practice.In accordance with general principles,the translation of proper names shall be standardized with emphasis on the uniformity and normalization to avoid ambiguity.However,given the relatively distinct features of some proper names in specific contexts,no unified translation method can be followed.It is necessary to translate proper names concisely and precisely to make target readers understand and accept the source text better.Therefore,based on Peter Newmark's communicative translation theory,the translation aims to achieve the accuracy and readability of proper names through amplification,omission,annotation,transliteration,hysteron proteron,literal translation and zero translation to avoid ambiguity and fully achieve the purpose of communication.From the perspective of target readers' influence,this translation report mainly discusses translation methods and techniques for three categories of proper names,namely,the translation of place names,the translation of organization names and the translation of document names,aiming to make target readers perceive proper names in the source text better.
Keywords/Search Tags:Peter Newmark, communicative translation theory, proper name, target reader
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