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Research On Current Status And Strategies Of Autonomous English Learning Ability For Primary School Students In Senior Grades

Posted on:2019-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of economic globalization,it is imminent to cultivate talents of all walks of life with a certain level of English.English teaching theory and practice have come into a new century,and more and more researchers and educators begin to realize that it is very important to help students develop autonomous learning ability in English learning.Traditional foreign language teaching method makes students lack independence and autonomy in English learning.Therefore,under the new curriculum reform,it is particularly important to transform teaching and learning methods and advocate autonomous learning.In the English curriculum standard issued in 2011,it is clear that teachers should begin to cultivate students' autonomous learning ability from primary school.The study of autonomous learning has just started in China.However,the research on the field of autonomous English learning for the senior students in primary schools is still less done.Based on this,the author puts forward a study on the primary school students' ability of autonomous English learning in senior grades.Based on the research of autonomous learning both at home and abroad,200 students in grade five and six of Xi'an foreign language school were selected as the subjects.we investigated the students' autonomous English learning ability of grade five and six in primary school through questionnaire survey,and tried to find out the current situation of English autonomous learning ability of primary school students.Through the investigation and analysis,we believe that the senior students in primary school have certain autonomous English learning ability,but it isnot high enough and presents the following characteristics: in terms of self-planning,students are not strong in learning plan and have no definite learning goals.About self monitoring,students' self-monitoring ability is weak.About learning strategies,students' learning is influenced by the degree of teachers' monitoring.In terms of self-evaluation and regulation,the self-evaluation ability of the senior grade students is relatively poor.When they are in difficulty,they seldom ask for help and the way of help is also scarce.In the meanwhile,the effect of help can not be guaranteed.Therefore,the author finally puts forward a series of learning strategies to improve primary school students' autonomous English learning ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:primary school students in senior grades, English, autonomous learning ability, strategies
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