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A Comparative Study Of Teacher Feedback Between Native And Non-native English Teachers In EFL Classrooms

Posted on:2019-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an important part of teacher talk,teacher feedback plays a very important role in EFL classroom since it is the main source of the language input for the students.Chinese EFL class has gained lots of attentions by scholars in recent years,it also attracts a large number of native English speaker teachers.However,few of the studies focus on the comparison of teacher feedback between native English speaker teachers(NESTs)and non-native English speaker teachers(NNESTs)in EFL classrooms.Therefore,this thesis aims to investigate the differences of the amount and types of teacher feedback between NESTs and NNESTs,the attitudes of students and teachers' attitudes toward teacher feedback.The research subjects of this thesis are 3 NESTs,3 NNESTs,and their 120 students of Weifang University.The author collects the data through 3 research instruments,which are classroom observation,questionnaire and interview,and then analyzes the data through the software SPSS 23.0.The findings of this research come into six aspects: Firstly,the amount of feedback of NESTs is larger than NNESTs'.Secondly,comparing with NNESTs,the NESTs adopt more negative feedback and less positive feedback.Thirdly,there's no obvious difference in the types of positive feedback between NESTs and NNESTs,among which the Simple Praise is the most popular one.Fourthly,the most widely used negative feedback of NESTs are Expansion and Elicitation while NNESTs are more willing to adopt Recast and Explication.Fifthly,students are eager to get feedback from teachers,especially positive feedback.Comparing with Simple Praise,they want to get more comments from teachers.Lastly,the teaching styles and cultural differences are the main factors,which lead to the differences of teacher feedback between NESTs and NNESTs.On the basis of the research results,the author gives some suggestions for NESTs and NNESTs to provide effective feedback.For NESTs,they should pay more attention to Chinese English curriculum and adopt more positive feedback.For NNESTs,they should provide more comprehensible input,pay attention to the usage of Explicit and create relaxed teaching environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:teacher feedback, NESTs, NNESTs, EFL class
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