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Chinese And American Female Celebrities' Self-Image Building On Social Media

Posted on:2020-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2405330572453776Subject:English Language and Literature
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The images that celebrities choose to create online through self-disclosure are often not just a reflection of their personal identities but also of the views and values of the public as a whole.They also have a unique ability to influence the public.Female celebrities,in particular,their image,reflect social values about femininity and bring gender-related issues into the spotlight.Their self-image building is closely connected with the parasocial relationships cultivated with their audiences.There are observable differences between both Chinese and American female celebrities in their self-image projection via social media.Certain aspects of their culture and other external factors can be linked to some of these divergences.Starting from self-disclosure theory and the parasocial relationship theory,10 Chinese and 10 American female celebrities' posts on social media platforms over a three-month period were selected for this study.Content analysis examined the breadth and depth of their self-disclosure,and then the images Chinese and American female celebrities projected of themselves were analyzed.The findings show that Chinese female celebrities self-disclose with greater breadth,while the American counterparts do so with greater depth.The second part of the research focused on audience response via surveys distributed among Chinese and American audiences.The questionnaires measured follower's perception about female celebrities' authenticity on social media.The influence of authenticity factors was further examined via Independent Samples T-tests that examined differences in professional life and personal life topics.The results show the differences are very small,but the Chinese audience tends to feel that the professional life female celebrities project is real,while Americans feel the personal life the reflect online is real.This comparison between Chinese and American female celebrities also shows that both culture factors and social elements are important.In particular,the social environment and social media usage habits are important in creating not only differences but also similarities.
Keywords/Search Tags:Female Celebrities, Self-Disclosure, Parasocial Relationship, Cultural Factors
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