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The Schema Study Of Weifang YangjiabuWoodblock New Year Painting In Qing Dynasty

Posted on:2020-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2405330572990883Subject:Fine Arts
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The word "schema" first meant "shape,shape." The German philosopher Kant defined the schema as "a universal concept of generality.This concept is suitable for all individuals in a certain category,is a universal or essential type or form,and also represents the cognitive structure of a particular concept,thing or event.The schema was later quoted in language research and became an important tool for research,reading,and understanding.British art historian E.H.Gombrich introduced the schema into the field of art.He believes that the schema is visible,experienced,perfected in the process of continuous revision,and the schema continues to adapt to new requirements.Swiss psychologist Piaget believes that "once the structure is formed,it has the characteristics of relative stability,inheritance,and replicability."Chinese traditional New Year painting is a universal typographical form with a specific image concept,a clear event cognitive structure,and a reading program.This typographical pattern has formed a very stable reproduction and inheritance in the development and continuation of history.Features.Yangjiabu woodblock New Year painting in Weifang,Shandong province is a unique print form in Chinese New Year painting.The concept of schemata is extended to the woodblock New Year's painting for research.It mainly considers the following aspects:1.New Year drawing content and folk experience 3,New Year drawing form and folk program 4.New Year painting copy and schema inheritanceAs a kind of "living" art form,the traditional Chinese New Year Painting analyzes the New Year Painting from the schema.It is a contemporary attitude toward the woodblock New Year Painting.This paper is divided into six aspects.One is the woodblock New Year's Painting and Graphics,the other is the prototype of the Yangjiabu woodblock New Year s Painting in the Qing Dynasty,and the third is the type of the woodblock New Year s Painting in the Qing Dynasty.The fourth is the schema structure of the Yangjiabu woodblock painting in the Qing Dynasty,the fifth is the schema program of the Yangjiabu woodblock painting in the Qing Dynasty,and the sixth is the schema inheritance of the Yangjiabu woodblock painting in the Qing Dynasty.
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