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A Study On The Application Of The Continuation Task To English Writing Instruction In Senior High School

Posted on:2020-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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English writing has been a significant symbol to measure learners' comprehensive language ability,it is widely used in various English examinations at home and abroad.However,the current situation of English writing teaching of senior high school is in a serious situation,how to make writing teaching and learning effectively has always been a problem that needs attention.Based on the theory of Second Language Acquisition,Professor Wang Chumming puts forward continuation task,which is a method that combines the reading with writing to provide a new concept for improving English writing teaching.The continuation task has aroused attention of many foreign language educators since it as a new writing types of NEMT(2016)in Zhejiang province.Judging from the existed research,the continuation task mainly applied to the teaching of English writing in universities,which is less applied in Senior High School.This study is based on the theories of Input Hypothesis,Production-oriented Approach and Alignment Effect,and combined with the relevant research of continuation task's effect of promoting learning,which aims to study of how continuation task impacts on the performance and interest of English writing of Senior High school students.In this study,there are 80 students,who are the students of two classes in Grade two from Nanchong XXX Senior High School in Sichuan Province.The students have been randomly divided into experiment class and control class.The study adopts the methods of questionnaires,experiment and interview to probe into two questions:1)What effects does the continuation task has on the writing performance of the Senior High School students? 2)What effects does the continuation task has on the writing interest of the Senior High school students?At first,the study shows that the continuation task can improve students' writing performance to a certain extent in content,structure and language.The continuation task makes students writing content more longer and richer;it enables students writing structure more cohesive and logical and it also makes students attach more importance to language and wording.Then,the study shows that the continuation task can improve students' writing interest.There are some limitations in the study.For example,the implementation time of the research is too short,and the results cannot be further verified;the participants of the survey is limited;the writing types are not enough and so on.In the future,the study of the continuation task should combine the students with specific situation and it still needs further exploration and improvement in the teaching practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:continuation task, English writing of senior high school students, writing performance, writing interest
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