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A Report On E-C Translation Of Translation In Practice (Excerpts) In Light Of Newmark's Text Typology

Posted on:2020-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the context of globalization,different cultures show the trend of contact,penetration in the process of translation and publishing.In order to realize the equal and effective transmission of different cultures in the process of translation and publishing,authors,editors,translators and readers should have a dialogue in an indirect relation network.Though translation is a vital part of any vibrant literary culture,there is few practical guide for future translators,editors or readers on how to translate foreign works into English for publication.Translation in Practice is practical handbook about translation and publishing,which comprises a collection of summaries,suggestions,and instructions from the leading literary translators and publishers.It is intended as an introduction which provides a reference for translation enthusiasts.Based on the fact that Translation in Practice is practical handbook about translation and publishing and guided by Peter Newmark?s text typology theory,the source text belongs to informative texts.The translation combined semantic translation and communicative translation.The author makes a detailed analysis of the translation project and holds that the source text is responsible for introducing the basic situation and giving suggestions and instructions.The translation of such practical translation manuals is not only a translation of language,but also a cultural transformation.Therefore,taking the book as an example,the author analyzes the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the practical manual.There are many terms and complex sentences in the source text,thus what the translator should do first is to accurately reproduce the content of the original text,then semantic translation should be adopted.In addition,in order to make the translation conform to the reading habits of the readers,transformation should be conducted in word formation and sentence structure,then communicative translation should be employed.Under the guidance of these two translation approaches,the author lists the problems from vocabulary,sentence and voice and gives concrete solutions by applying certain methods and skills of translation.This paper draws a conclusion through the practice and analysis: although a text can be roughly classified as a text type and has major linguistic functions,the translator should apply some specific translation strategies according to concrete texts.Through this translation practice,the author can better grasp the stylistic features of informative texts and accumulate experience for future translation practice.At the same time,it provides a useful reference for translation enthusiasts in China in terms of literary translation,publishing and editing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Practical guide, text typology, communicative translation, semantic translation
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