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A Study Of Pupils' English Learning Habits

Posted on:2020-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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It is pointed out from The Action Plan for Revitalizing the Education for the Century that the competition in the future is the competition of science and technology and the competition of people.With the development of the times,updating of knowledge and scientific,and rapidly changing of technological progress.People are increasingly aware that how much knowledge a student has is not the most important thing.It is crucial that students learn how to master knowledge.At the moment,many countries in the world have set their direction for reform of education on teaching students how to learn.For students to grasp how to learn,attention must be paid to the guidance of learning methods and cultivation of students' good learning habits.Bacon said: “The habit is really a powerful and tenacious force that can dominate life.” Once active learning attitudes and scientific learning methods form habits,not only can the quality of learning be improved but also a good foundation can be laid for lifelong learning which will benefit people for life.The cultivation of good English learning habits is an effective way to cultivate students' English ability and achieve lifelong learning.At present,although there are some achievements in the cultivation of English learning habits,there are fewer articles on how to cultivate students' good English learning habits,and there are fewer studies through surveys.Therefore,the investigation of the cultivation of current situation of primary school students' English learning habits is very practical and significant.“Listening”,“speaking”,“reading”,“writing”,and “self-study” have an important impact on improving students' academic performance and learning efficiency.It is important for pupils to cultivate good English learning habits as English is a major subject of primary school.Therefore,the cultivation of the habit of “listening”,“speaking”,“reading”,“writing” and “self-study” are related to the English foundation and future development of primary school students.In the information age,students' English learning habits are affected by many factors.Studying how to improve and maintain students' English learning habits is the core of English teachers' work.From the perspective of teaching,this study draws on the existing research results of psychology,combined with the practical experience of primary school teachers,to carry out an investigation and cultivation strategy research of primary school English learning habits,Mainly focusing on two aspects: 1)The status quo of English learning habits for primary school students;2)Primary school students' English learning habits training strategy.In this study,3 different primary schools in Cenxi City were randomly selected.And 250 sixth-grade students were surveyed.The statistics were collected and the current situation of primary school English habits were analyzed from “listening”,“speaking”,“reading”,“writing” and “self-study”.The study found:1)The current situation of primary school English learning habits is generally poor as most students fail to form good English learning habits;2)The main difference between the learning habits of good students and poor students is that good students can better combine their own actual situation to develop good English learning habits,and it is difficult for poor students to learn English,which will cost more.Energy;3)The main factor in forming English learning habits is the reasonable guidance of teachers.Teachers play a central role in the formation of students' English habits.Combined with the interviews with ten students and ten teachers,the author analyzes the influencing factors of English learning habits of primary school students from four aspects: individual,teacher,school and family.Combined with theoretical study,teaching practice of the author and the teaching suggestions of experts and colleagues.Through the research of this article,the author found many problems,including most students can not take the initiative to listen to the supporting tapes of teaching materials or other English phonetic materials.Students do not have clear listening plan.Only under the teacher's request will they organize hearing training;Most students do not pay attention to the correctness of their pronunciation,especially by imitating the tape to correct pronunciation;The habit of reading actively and imitating texts by oneself has not been formed;Most of the students have good habits in handwriting.All in all,primary school students do not have good English learning habits,they are weak in listening and speaking.In the process of habit formation is more passive,lack of active consciousness.The corresponding teaching strategies and improvement measures are proposed.Measures for the learners include: 1)the importance of understanding English learning;2)developing good study habits.Improvements from the aspects of teachers include: 1)fostering a harmonious teacher-student relationship;2)optimizing classroom teaching.Strategies for schools include: 1)creating an English learning environment;2)conducting extracurricular activities;and 3)establishing an incentive evaluation system.The improvement measures at the household level are mainly to guide parents to carry out scientific family education and strengthen the connection between home and school.And for the specific training of different habits of English learning,more targeted approaches are proposed from the “listening”,“speaking”,“reading”,“writing” and “self-study”.In the process of completing this research and paper,although the author devoted a lot of time and energy to investigation and study,there are still many deficiencies in the research due to lack of theoretical foundation.First of all,the design of the questionnaire is not rigorous enough.It is only based on personal understanding and has not undergone rigorous testing.Second,there is a certain one-sidedness in the study of pupils' English learning habits,and many English learning habits are not involved.In terms of habits cultivating,due to limited time and personal abilities,only practice and feedback were conducted in the four classes that the author had studied.Most of the conclusions reached are still at the stage of experience summary,failing to reach a certain theoretical depth.In the future work and study,the author will continue to carry out more in-depth practical research on this topic,and strive to improve the research of this topic,hoping to make a little contribution to the enrichment of primary school English teaching theory and provide references for other scholars in the future studies.Since this study is only aimed at primary schools and is not applicable to all grades,and the number of survey samples is small,the number of samples needs to be further expanded in the future.
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