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The Emotional Expressions Of Modern Lithography Art Creation

Posted on:2020-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Emotion plays a very important role in aesthetic art activities,so in artistic creation and appreciation,emotion is always accompanied by an important psychological factor.It can even be said that all literature and art are emotional art,without which there can be no art.In the process of modern engraving creation,the specific elements of calligraphy,composition and color make the artist's feelings externalized,so that the artist's feelings can be expressed,and some feelings,States and moods reflected in the works can resonate with the viewers.At present,the study of modern engraving mainly focuses on the study of techniques and historical development.There are few studies on the emotional expression of modern engraving.This paper mainly studies how to express emotions in the creation of modern engraving.This paper analyses the four most important elements of modern engraving: calligraphy,composition,knife and color,and explores the influence factors of the change of elements on self-expression.This article mainly divides into three parts:The first part begins with the definition of modern engraving and analyses the relationship between emotion and artistic creation.The second part is to state the influence of the four main elements in modern engraving on emotional expression,mainly to analyze the different forms of different elements and their influence on the audience.The third part is the focus of this article,which is based on the creative process.It explains how we can change the creative elements to express our emotions from the beginning of choosing the theme to the gradual formation of creative ideas,to the final establishment of the form of expression of works,and finally to the gradual completion of works.This paper attempts to deconstruct the creation process of modern engraving,promote the further study of modern engraving aesthetics,and deepen people's understanding and understanding of modern engraving.
Keywords/Search Tags:Modern engraving, emotion, creation, expression
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