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Research On The Application Of Virtual Reality Technology In College Sports Dance Teaching

Posted on:2020-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Y ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330599952547Subject:Sports teaching
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Virtual reality technology(referred to as "VR")is a new technology combining computer technology and simulation technology.It USES computer to generate a simulation environment and immerse users in the environment.Virtual reality technology,with its more perceptual,interactive,immersive features,and simulate the real object and environment,make it become a very convenient and useful tool,and gradually to participate in research and development of all walks of life,such as architecture,planning,medical treatment,fire fighting,and art history,visual teaching,in teaching,virtual reality technology to create all kinds of virtual learning environment,provide a rich sensory stimulation and the natural way of interaction,bring an immersive experience of learning effect.This paper mainly USES the methods of literature review,expert interview,questionnaire survey,mathematical statistics,logic analysis and experiment to propose a basic program that USES virtual reality technology as an auxiliary means in sports dance teaching,and verifies the influence of this method on sports dance teaching through experiments.According to the experimental results and experimental records,the experimental design was rationalized and verified,fully demonstrating the effect and feasibility of virtual reality in sports dance teaching.The research results of this paper are as follows:(1)At present,the general situation of physical education and dance teaching in colleges and universities in guangdong province is general.There are mainly obsolete and unreasonable hardware equipment in teaching places,and hardware replacement of music equipment is not timely.The teaching document is not perfect;At present,multimedia technology is rarely used in teaching,and the application of virtual reality technology in sports dance teaching is still in the exploration stage.(2)Most students expect that teachers will use virtual reality technology in pre-class preview and after-class review,and believe that virtual reality technology can deepen their understanding of teaching content and will not affect teachers' normal teaching activities.(3)The use of virtual reality technology to assist teaching can effectively increase the practice density,shorten the learning cycle,students can consciously spend more time to practice,understand and master technical skills,and improve students' skill level,self-confidence and interest in dance,while reducing the intensity of teachers' labor.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual reality technology, Sports dance, Teaching, Application
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