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A Practice Report On The C-E Consecutive Interpreting From The Perspective Of Interpretive Theory

Posted on:2019-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L LiaoFull Text:PDF
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Tujia is an ancient ethnic group with splendid and brilliant tradition and culture.It is an indispensable part of Chinese culture.The understanding and spreading of Tujia's history and its development is necessary and meaningful.However,Tujia's history has gradually been forgotten by the next generations and unknown to the foreigners.Therefore,the author selects The Secret History of Tujia as the object of study,hoping to provide some inspirations to the interpretation on such topic and spread Tujia's history and culture as well.The Interpretive Theory,proposed by the French scholars Danica Seleskovitch and M Lederer in the late 1960 s,is the first kind of systematic interpreting theory in the international interpretation circle.The theory regards sense as the interpreting target,and consists of three core concepts,i.e.,comprehension,deverbalization and re-expression.These three key factors of the Interpretive Theory are applied to this report.This practice report applies the Interpretive Theory to analyze the case The Secret History of Tujia and make post-interpreting reflections.First,the author summarizes four main difficulties after interpreting,which are organization names,festival-and custom-related terms of Tujia ethnic group,repetition in colloquial expressions and lack of logic in choppy sentences.Then,the interpreter puts forward four strategies from the perspective of the Interpretive Theory,namely literal interpreting,transliteration with explanation,omission,and combination,to analyze the difficulties encountered in the interpreting.The author provides enormous examples to illustrate the proposed strategies.This practice report is hoped to offer insights to the interpretation of similar culture-rich activities.
Keywords/Search Tags:consecutive interpreting, The Secret History of Tujia, the Interpretive Theory, interpreting strategies
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