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Research On Habits Of English Learning About Primary School Students

Posted on:2019-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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It is one of the educational main goal to form good habits,and learning habit is one of the vital portions of habits.It takes a long way for students to cultivate habits in learning.With the development of time,more and more people realized that how to grasp knowledge is very important,but not how much knowledge do we have.Only applying scientific learning methods can we cultivate students' good learning habits.Nice study habits can not only improve work efficiency,but also can benefit one's whole life.Childhood is the crucial time for forming habits;therefore as fundamental educational workers,we should take how to form good habits from childhood into serious consideration.Grade 3 to grade 6 are the main parts of the primary school,so it is vital for middle and high primary students to form good English learning habits.This thesis is a research on the middle and high grades' English learning habits.It is about English learning habits of Jiyang School middle and high grade students.The learning habits include pre-class,in-class and after-class.We found many problems.The problems of in-class include the lack of carefulness of compilation entitled wrong,the lack of systematicness of possessiveness in review and the lack of planning for extracurricular.Then find feasible ways to form good English learning habits from aspects of students,schools,teachers and parents.In aspect of students,ways to cultivate the middle and high school students' English learning habits mainly include having the awareness of forming good learning habits,increasing attention ability and control ability as well as enhancing cooperation ability.In aspect of teachers and students,the ways mainly include enhancing the students'abilities of forming good learning habits,timely evaluating students learning habits as well as teachers setting good examples.Parents should pay attention to the cultivation of forming good habits,and negotiate with teachers timely and make plans for children to form good English learning habits according to their children.
Keywords/Search Tags:Middle and High Grades, Primary School English, Learning habits, Problems, Strategies
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