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On The Improvement Of Vocational College Students' English Ability To Meet The Needs Of The Industry

Posted on:2019-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the economic and social development and industrial upgrading,the demand for highly skilled talents is increasing.The Inter-disciplinary talents with qualified professional and English skills are especially favored in the new era of economic globalization background.Through the investigation,it is found that as the representative of high-skilled talents,Vocational education's leading soldier-Higher Vocational College students are extremely unsuitable for the "high requirements" of English ability in the new era.This kind of maladjustment is due to the lack of in-depth understanding of the workplace and the need for English in the workplace.In addition,most of the students in higher vocational colleges are not good at English and have little or no interest in English learning.They can not see the important role of English in their career and can not appreciate the importance of English,which leads to the lack of motivation for their study.As their English level can not meet the needs of the industry,professional competitiveness and Career development is affected.This paper focuses on the vocational college students' English ability is not ideal that can not adapt to and meet the needs of enterprises in the new era,thus affecting their employment choices and career development after graduation this reality,takes Y Vocational and Technical College Auto Major as a case study to make a comparatively systematic investigation and study through literature research,questionnaire survey and interview.Through data consulting and interviews,this paper analyzes the current situation of the demand for English ability of higher vocational students in the automobile industry from the aspects of the basic situation of the industry and the educational objectives of automobile specialties,and highlights the importance of learning English as well.This paper makes a systematic survey on the current situation of vocational college students' English listening,speaking,reading and writing abilities and their English learning motivation through questionnaires,and analyzes the reasons for the gap between vocational college students' English proficiency and the needs of the industry.Finally,according to the investigation and analysis,this paper puts forward some countermeasures to improve the English ability of vocational college students from the aspects of teachers' quality improvement,students' motivation maintenance,teaching-learning environment optimization and teaching content selection.It is expected to solve the practical problems existing in the process of cultivating students' English ability in Higher Vocational colleges,provide practical methods and suggestions for promoting the reform and research of English teaching practice in Higher Vocational colleges,improve the quality of English teaching,and enhance students' English application ability and comprehensive competitiveness.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher Vocational College Students, English Ability, Industry Demand, Promotion Countermeasures
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