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A Report On The C-E Translation Of Lin Huiyin's Collections:Architecture(No.3)(Excerpt)

Posted on:2020-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of globalization,cultural soft power is playing an increasingly important role in the strategic dialogues between countries.Therefore,cultural exchanges are ever-increasing and are expected to introduce each other's culture to the rest of the world.The present source text of this translation practice is Chapter Six,selected from Lin Hui-yin's Collections: Architecture(No.3).The translation report aims to give an introduction to the ancient Chinese architecture to the target readers and help them have a better understanding of the Chinese culture.This translation practice is conducted under the guidance of Peter Newmark's Text Typology.After the analysis of the source text featuring informative text on the whole,the target text was completed by adopting both semantic and communicative strategies.In the case analysis,various translation methods and skills are applied to analyze the examples from the perspective of lexical,syntactic and textual levels.At the lexical level,case analyses are carried out from three aspects.Culture-loaded words are translated by adding annotation and literal translation plus footnotes,numbers are analyzed by adopting literal and free translations,and verbs are converted into nouns,adjectives and prepositions.At the syntactic level,subject-less sentences,sentence patterns and long sentences are all analyzed through addition,conversion of voice and sentence patterns,reconstruction and combination.At the textual level,cohesion and coherence are achieved by adding personal,possessive,demonstrative and relative pronouns or by employing substitutable pronouns.The translation report consists of five chapters,among which before-translation,while-translation,after-translation and case analysis play a critical role in the whole translation report.The purpose of the translation project is expected to cast some light on the value of those buildings and to offer some useful inspirations for translators dealing with architecture.
Keywords/Search Tags:ancient Chinese architecture, Yungang Grottoes, Newmark's Text Typology, semantic translation, communicative translation
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