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The Strategy Research On The Intercultural Communication Competence Of Non-English Majors In Daqing City

Posted on:2020-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330572489637Subject:Foreign Language Education
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In the context of globalization,effective and successful communication with people of different cultural backgrounds requires not only learning the basic knowledge of English,but also mastering cultural knowledge,experiencing and understanding the similarities and differences between national culture and foreign culture,and mastering the necessary language skills and Intercultural communication skills.To cultivate college students' intercultural communication ability,we must first understand the status of intercultural communication ability.Therefore,this paper firstly investigates the cross-cultural communication ability of college students,and compares the intercultural communication ability of four college students in Daqing City,which provides a reference for the college students' intercultural communication ability in Daqing City.This study will analyze the current situation of foreign language education in Daqing City,understand the status of intercultural communication ability of college students in Daqing City,investigate the differences in cross-cultural communication ability of college students in Daqing,and analyze the reasons for the possible differences.It finds the problems of college students in the process of communication and the defects of foreign language teaching;explores the deep reasons for the lack of intercultural communication ability of college students;this study takes 120 non-English majors from four universities in Daqing as the research object and conducts a questionnaire survey.The results show that non-English majors have a low cross-cultural communication ability,students lack cross-cultural knowledge,and cross-cultural awareness is weak.There are many reasons for these problems: college students pay less attention to cross-cultural knowledge learning;teachers' own cross-cultural literacy is not high enough,and there are few crosscultural skills;the teaching model aiming at exam-oriented education lacks the intercultural communication ability of college students.Training;curriculum setting,examination evaluation system involves little knowledge about intercultural communication;lack of crosscultural practice environment in English communication.The research shows the current situation of college students' cross-cultural communication ability in Daqing City.Based on the problems and causes,combined with the actual situation,the English teachers and English learners are put forward practical suggestions to improve the intercultural communication ability of college students,thus enhancing the cross-culture of college students.Communicative ability,while providing a reference for future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:intercultural communication competence, cross-cultural teaching, non-English major, college students
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