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On Status Quo And Promotion Strategies Of English Teachers' Teaching Ability In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2019-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330572965166Subject:Education management
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In recent years,in order to meet the needs of talents for social development,the reform of English teaching in higher vocational colleges is imminent.As the leader of English teaching reform,how to improve the professional ability of English teachers in higher vocational colleges is the first problem.Teaching ability as the core content of vocational English teachers' professional ability directly affects the effect of students learning English.Therefore,thinking about the problems and countermeasures of English teachers' teaching ability in higher vocational colleges is not only conducive to the improvement of English teaching quality,but also contributes to the healthy and orderly growth of English teachers.In this study,English teachers from some higher vocational colleges in Hunan Province were selected as the survey objects.Through questionnaires,we can fully understand the current situation of English teachers'teaching ability in higher vocational colleges in Hunan Province,and find out the problems existing in the teaching ability of English teachers in higher vocational colleges in Hunan Province,and analyze and propose corresponding promotion strategies.The thesis mainly studies the basic situation of English teachers in higher vocational colleges and the status quo of teaching ability.From the analysis of the survey data,there are certain deficiencies in the knowledge structure,teaching design ability,teaching implementation ability,teaching reflection ability,teaching research and innovation ability among the English teachers in higher vocational colleges in Hunan Province.The detailed performances are:a single knowledge structure,not closely related between content design and student major,traditional teaching methods,insufficient flexibility in using information technology,insufficient awareness of teaching reflection,and insufficient teaching research and innovation capabilities.Therefore,according to the problems found in the research,the countermeasures and suggestions for improvement are proposed from three aspects combined with the actual situation of English teachers in higher vocational colleges in Hunan Province.The first aspect is from teacher.They should establish a diversified knowledge system,change teaching concepts,strengthen the application of teaching information technology,try various teaching methods;strengthen teaching reflection ability;increase research and innovation ability and communicate with peers actively.The second aspect is from college.They should establish incentive mechanism to promote teachers' teaching ability,construct reasonable and effective evaluation mechanism and promotion policy,establish a sound and active English teacher training system,formulate effective research awards;establish an information campus.The third aspect is from society.They should increase the investment in higher vocational colleges,improve the pay of higher vocational teachers,strengthen understanding,care and support for teachers and constantly improve teachers'professional laws and regulations.
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