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Novel And Sharp

Posted on:2020-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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New photography is no longer a little-known phenomenon in the development of Chinese photography.Its team is growing and growing.In recent years,new photography has led most young photographers to explore photography.In the field,there have been a number of followers.However,while it is worthy of affirmation,the voice of new photography has been refuted.Then,why does Chinese contemporary new photography cause such a strong polarization? The author discusses the article through the award-winning works of“ Color and Shadows · New Photography Award” and the photographer's explanation of the works.However,due to the limited number of texts,the number of new photographers is large and covers a wide range.The level is not comprehensive enough.Therefore,six representative photographers were selected from the list of winners,and they were analyzed one by one.Through their works,they interpreted Chinese contemporary new photography.This paper is divided into seven parts,namely the definition and characteristics of Chinese contemporary photography,drawing on Chinese traditional culture,calm observation of reality,expression and exploration of emotions,intimate intrusion,and shortcomings in new photography.And outlook.Among them,the new photography is roughly divided into two large modules: external and extended and inward and provincial: that part of the photographic creation comes from the exploration of the external world,and with the help of technology development and traditional culture and other media.It becomes a photographic material and is polished to complete the creation;while another part of the creative source is mainly returned to the heart,exploring its own feelings and expressions,and the works are presented to the viewer in an autobiographical manner.
Keywords/Search Tags:China's contemporary new photography through the external world, emotional expression, development status
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