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The Development And Application Of MOOC-Oriented Virtual Experiment System For Photography Course

Posted on:2020-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330572996608Subject:Education Technology
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With its Open,free and Online features,MOOC(Massive Open Online Course)has been favored by a large number of learners.It also brings great impact on traditional education and plays an important role in promoting educational reform and innovation.Although MOOC has been widely used on domestic and abroad,and was deeply loved by the learner,but the learning resources provided to learners by MOOC platform on domestic and abroad are more of theoretical knowledge learning resources,and lack of experimental modules for courses that need to be operated in practice,resulting in theory and reality.Practice can not be paid equal attention to,the integrity of the curriculum is missing.Photography technology course is a course with strong artistry and practicality.The course of photography technology is a course with strong artistry and practicality.The course of photography technology is mainly offered in the major of news communication,art design,educational technology,tourism and so on in colleges and universities.Because photography course is a course that needs much practical experience,in the learning process of photography course,learners need to apply theory to practice,master photography skills and shoot excellent works through repeated practical exercises.However,in the traditional photography course teaching,there are some problems,such as the photographic environment can not meet the experimental requirements,the number of digital cameras is insufficient,the experimental time is short and so on.It has a great influence on the development of photography experiment.At present,virtual reality technology has gradually penetrated into all walks of life,and its application in all walks of life is becoming more and more mature.Introducing virtual reality technology into the construction of photography courses,the construction of mooc-oriented photography virtual experiment system can better solve the above two problems.Based on the modern educational concept,this paper focuses on how to construct the virtual experiment scene of photography,how to combine the MOOC platform with the virtual experiment system organically,and how to solve the problems existing in thecourse of MOOC and photography technology.This paper is divided into seven chapters to discuss the design and application of the virtual experiment system of photography course oriented to MOOC.In the first chapter,the research background is stated from three aspects: the development of MOOC,photography technology curriculum and virtual reality technology,the research objectives and significance are put forward,the present situation of photography course in virtual experiment,MOOC development and MOOC platform is analyzed,and the research ideas,methods,contents and framework are determined.The second chapter analyzes the situational cognitive learning theory,constructivism learning theory and activity theory used in the design and development of MOOC oriented photography virtual experiment system,and determines the virtual development of photography virtual experiment system.Proposed modeling technology and Unity interaction technology.In the third chapter,the advantages and disadvantages of MOOC teaching mode are analyzed in detail,the existing photography virtual experiment system is compared and analyzed,and the virtual experiment system constructed in MOOC environment is compared and analyzed.In the fourth chapter,after analyzing the course and learner characteristics of photography technology,the requirements of the system are analyzed,and the overall framework and functional modules of the system are designed.In the fifth chapter,the virtual experiment environment of photography is established,and the interactive function of the virtual experiment system of photography is realized.The sixth chapter constructs the teaching application mode of photography virtual experiment system under MOOC environment,and applies it.This teaching mode carries on the teaching,finally carries on the analysis to the photography virtual experiment system application effect.The seventh chapter is a summary,prospect and shortcomings.
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