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A Study On Interaction Design And Application Of Virtual Reality Films

Posted on:2020-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The production and development of films are closely related to the development of technology.Each time technology enters the field of movies,it will have important implication.As Virtual Reality(VR)technology improves,VR movies has gradually come into people's eyes.At the present stage,however,VR films are mostly in the form of panoramic video,but that kind of VR films fails to have strong interactivity that has been essential to the development of VR films.That entails researches on interactive design and application hold the key to the VR films production.Through theoretical research and analysis,it further puts forward integration of films and VR interactive technology,and summarizes the features of VR film interactivity by means of case study and comparative study method.Then,that conception has been taken into practice,which is verified through both practical results and audience feedback.At last,this paper strives to provide suggestions and strategies on consideration of existing techniques and conditions,while to analyze the development trend on the basis of present researches and practice results.This paper firstly gives an overview of VR movies and their interactivity.It discusses the types and production status of VR movies at the present stage,analyzes the development of software and hardware,and summarizes the concept and significance of interactivity.Secondly,points for attention in interactive design,during the planning stage of VR films,are sorted out on the back of the rationality of plot design different carriers(including mobile devices,wearable devices and large VR devices with spatial positioning),as well as different audiences(including normal people,children and teenagers,and people with mobility problems).Thirdly,through case study of VR films,it probes into somatosensory interaction and voice-and-sound interaction somatosensory interaction is illustrated in terms of screen-orientation,gesture-orientation and motion-orientation.Meanwhile,as for sound interaction,from perspectives of language and sound,voice-and-sound interaction is discussed and analyzed by case study of the graduation work "Looking for Vincent".Finally,the interactive design and application of VR films at the present stage are summarized and considered.Virtual Reality technology is a breakthrough innovation and challenge for the film industry.That means the interaction of VR brings brand-new feelings to the audience and meets theirincreasingly rich demands on interaction.VR films have so much enviable potential that will score measurable achievements in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:VR film, virtual reality, interaction, motion perception
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