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The Application Of Form Extraction In My Creation Of Abstract Sculpture

Posted on:2020-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M T ChenFull Text:PDF
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After open the door of the modernist sculpture Rodin,sculpture artists use different way of writing,such as material and formal language,interweave each other,jointly created a splendid abstract sculpture in the world.However,for the local sculpture field in China,after the reform and opening up,western modern art and contemporary art trend of thought flooded into China.The field of Chinese sculpture(art)suddenly became diversified.Abstract sculpture,as a modernist art form,was sandwichedbetweenthepioneerandthetraditionalandmarginalized.Therefore,abstract sculpturehasgraduallybecomeasubsidiaryoflandscapeartorpublicart.Pureabstract sculptors are few in the field of sculpture in China,and there are few articles and works that systematically study and introduce the development and evolution of abstract sculpture.Thelackofmodernismsculpturetheorycausedthebreakofknowledgestructure system,which caused great trouble to the interpretation of Chinese modern and contemporarysculpture.Therefore,itbecomesparticularlyimportanttotracethesource to find the path of abstract sculpture creation and development?Thispaper will focus onfour parts.The first part expounds the basicconnotation of "form refinement" and its role in the history of abstract sculpture.The second part,oneorfoursculptorsanalyzethedevelopmentof "formrefinement" forexample.Thethird part,"Time Jung-24 Hours","Tong Nan","Ridge","Place",shows the use and evolution of "Shape Refinement" in my sculpture.The fourth part is the conclusion,summarizes the viewpoint and draws the conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Abstract modeling language, Abstract sculpture, Morphological refinement
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