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The Application Of Appearance-spirit Theory On Sculptural Ceramic Ware

Posted on:2018-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330578482083Subject:Fine Arts
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In the artistic field,appearance-spirit ideology is a historical topic with increasing new connotations of the times,and also a central problem for Chinese aesthetics.In theory,the application of appearance-spirit thought are mainly focused on the landscape of Chinese paintings and figure drawings,i.e.painting sculptural theory.In the three-dimensional modeling domain,although part of the sculptors or ceramists focus on the theory of appearance-spirit,theoretical works on this aspect are not widely seen.Sculptural ceramic ware is a category of ceramics,with both the artistic charm of sculptures and the practical functions of ceramic ware,and therefore it is more and more popular among young people who love arts and literature.But on the current market,sculptural works have either become pure decorative signs,or become completely compromised of its artistic beauty at the cost of functionality.The author of this paper thinks this current condition goes against the essential meaning of the existence of sculptural ceramic ware.The viewpoints in which the spirit is expressed with form,the valuation of spirit over form and the viewpoint of beyond the form are all properly used in the design of sculptural ceramic works,which could give play to the aesthetic thought of our country and better reflect residential life's pursuit of artistic quality.Since there are a number of problems in the current sculptural ceramic ware market,the author illustrates the research background,current situation,purpose and significance of the research,as well as the research methods and trains of thought of certain concepts.The second chapter analyzes and summarizes the source and connotations of appearance-spirit theory in paintings;the third chapter discusses the influence of appearance-spirit theory on ceramics and sculptural art;the fourth chapter discusses the current situation and existing problems in sculptural ceramic ware;the fifth chapter proceeds with the aesthetic course of traditional ceramic ware and conducts an analysis and exposition on the characteristics and aesthetic propensity of sculptural ceramic ware.Based on this,the author discusses the condition,approach,category and value of application for appearance-spirit theory in the sixth chapter,and strives for a research on the application of the theory of appearance-spirit theory on sculptural ceramic art under the modern ceramic artistic creation scenario.The seventh chapter proposes a few realistic and in-depthresearches on the application of appearance-spirit theory from the application perspective.The paper hopes to provide certain mental orientation for the design of sculptural ceramic ware and advocate the function of Chinese aesthetic thoughts and traditional Chinese culture in order to make more people realize the value of appearance-spirit theory on sculptural ceramic works.
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