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Reflection On The Woodcarving Art Practice In Western Henan Province

Posted on:2018-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Woodcarving in western Henan province stems from central China.Meanwhile wood carving art in Shaanxi,Shanxi and Henan influence each other due to the geographical reasons.Through the analysis of exploration and practice of materials,carving techniques,production steps of wood carving,the author tries to find the composition conception of painting and sculpture art modelling techniques.It not only has the sculpture sculpture modelling the three-dimensional characteristics of the plastic arts but also contains the plane of the art of painting,expression characteristic as well as the unique artistic characteristics.Most of the traditional woodcarving in western Henan is embodied in the western region in ancient temple and other old parks in different periods.It has various high performance skill such as round carving,relief carving,bas-relief,Yin carving and openwork carving.Through the study of woodcarving,the author finally choose basswood as the carving material for the graduation designing.Through two works of graduation designing: “Confucius followes the footsteps of Lao Tze” and “Zhong Jun Qi Xu”,the author deepens the understanding of creation,material selection and the performance of the sculpture in western Henan province.However,through the graduation designing,the author also found that in today's rapid economic development in the realistic society.The traditional manual sculpture carvings art is facing the impact of the wood carving machine and the lack of traditional woodcarving heir.Traditional sculpture techniques are also facing the gradual disappearance of the old local woodcarving artist.
Keywords/Search Tags:wood carving, material, carving, techniques, western Henan province
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