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Decorative Techniques And Expressions Of Reliefs Of Cultural Celebrities

Posted on:2018-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an important form of relief sculpture is intuitive reflect the author's thoughts and feelings,and works with the intention of the three-dimensional visual function,despite the variety,but also has aesthetic,art,language and the beauty in form four characters and high relief,shallow relief,line type,hollow type etc.form.Technique of making relief is the key factor to determine the level of cultural celebrities,mainly with symmetrical balance type,parallel type,vertical comparison of coincidence and strength of structural type patterning method;in the production process of cultural celebrity portrait relief,clay reliefs creation,plaster mold mould and movable die turn,glass steel(composite)hand model making to the specific techniques.The expression form of language,cultural celebrities used to touch the three-dimensional relief statue of language expression,the use of abstract or realistic relief means of artistic expression,fully show the language features of sculpture art in the material,volume,space,shape,appearance,lighting and other aspects;in the artistic performance,exaggeration,deformation,generalization,abstract or realistic and many other forms are widely used in the cultural celebrity portrait relief creation.The beauty of the reliefs of cultural celebrities should fully reflect the personalities of people,the artistic choices and forms of reliefs,and the styles of reliefs.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cultural celebrities, portrait reliefs, decorative techniques and expressions
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