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From Inheritance To Expansion Analysis Of Wood Carving Art Creation In Domestic Academies Of Fine Arts

Posted on:2020-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Although Chinese traditional woodcarving has been introduced by arts and crafts and folk arts for a long time,the academia has paid little attention to the woodcarving art creation in Chinese modern and contemporary sculpture academies.In this paper,the scope of research is limited to the topic of woodcarving art creation in contemporary domestic art academies.This paper combs the sculptor's modeling language and material language in different historical stages,and the causes of the formation of this linguistic feature.The dissemination and evolution of woodcarving art creation in art academies are discussed.Firstly,aiming at the breakdown of the traditional woodcarving industry in modern times due to the change of social structure,the Western Academy of Fine Arts introduced the system of realistic education into China as the background of the times.This paper analyses the outstanding representative works of woodcarving art education in domestic art academies from the initial stage of its establishment to the present stage,in order to summarize the language transformation and concept renewal of woodcarving art in this system.The first chapter of this article starts with the origin of woodcarving creation in domestic art academies.Because Woodcarving in domestic modern and contemporary art academies is obviously different from traditional folk Woodcarving in terms of language and presentation,the introduction of sculpture system in Western Academies under historical background into China and the establishment of realistic art education in China symbolize woodcarving creation in modern and contemporary art academies and traditional folk woodcarving.The division of carving,in order to start the domestic art academies in woodcarving art creation combing and analysis.In the second chapter,through the analysis of wood sculpture as a medium to reproduce the mud sculpture style in wood sculpture art creation,to the shape of the wood itself according to the situation,and then to the use of wood for splicing and composition,the modeling and material language for wood sculpture art creation in domestic art academies has been established.Chapter 3 discusses several kinds of woodcarving creation methods in domestic art academies at present,such as symbolic expression through woodcarving,material development of wood,the combination of woodcarving and painting to reflect the interest and aftertaste of Oriental traditional sculpture,the integration of woodcarving and other mixed media,the artist's expression of personal survival experience to stimulate creation and other creative methods.Analysis.It is hoped that through the investigation and analysis of creative methods,we can get useful thinking and progress in our own creation.
Keywords/Search Tags:woodcarving art, contemporary Chinese sculpture, material language, formal language
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