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Research On Display Design Of Folk Museum Based On Experience Perspective In Augmented Reality

Posted on:2020-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330596478586Subject:Art of Design
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Augmented Reality(AR)is a new type of multi-source information fusion technology,aiming at seamlessly integrating pre-designed virtual information with realistic target scenes to alleviate the problem that users cannot perceive more information related to the current environment due to the constraints of space and time In recent years,thanks to the rapid development of mobile Internet and a large number of popularization of mobile terminal devices,augmented reality technology has been successfully applied in many fields such as games,education,film industry and medical treatment,and has been more and more accepted and recognized by the majority of users.At the same time,in view of the good user experience and powerful information display advantages of augmented reality technology,more and more fields have begun to explore the application innovation of augmented reality technology,especially in the field of folk museum display design.The introduction of augmented reality technology has gradually attracted attention in recent yearsFolklore is an exhibition subject with great affinity,because it comes from the simple life,and at the same time,it is integrated in the daily life.At present,the folk museum mainly displays the exhibits.This simple display of folk cultural relics and the reproduction of the history of folk customs are difficult to construct the culture of folk daily life.At the same time,from the perspective of tourists'museum experience,the current folk museum is lack of systematicness and comprehensiveness in information transmission,lack of interactive channels,generally low participation of tourists,lack of scene silence,and the actual experience is not ideal.Meanwhile,in recent years,the annual flow of large domestic museums such as the national museum of China,the Palace Museum in Beijing,the Palace Museum in Taipei and so on set new records,but the flow of local folk museums is difficult to break through Therefore,to improve the visitor experience and attract new visitors are two important problems that the folk museum has to solveIn conclusion,it is of great significance for the development,reform and upgrading of local folk custom museums in China to carry out the research on folk custom display design based on new technology.Based on theoretical analysis,practical investigation,augmented reality application prototype design and experience evaluation,this paper focuses on the two core issues of augmented reality and museum experience,and discusses how augmented reality technology can be displayed in folk museums to provide visitors with museum experience of different dimensions.To be specific,this paper will take the introduction of the application of augmented reality technology in the exhibition design of folk museums at home and abroad as the entry point to summarize and refine the present display situation of folk museums.This paper proposes the idea of prototype design of folk augmented reality application based on creative cards,and takes the "archway" the folk custom museum of Huizhou culture as an example to realize the prototype of archway augmented reality application.Finally,combined with two experience evaluation models,experience model and museum experience measurement model,this paper empirically analyzed the significant influence of augmented reality on improving visitors,museum experience from different dimensions.As a whole,this paper aims to promote and strengthen the display of museum exhibits,and to show the application of new technologies in the curatorial process.Therefore,in view of the current situation of folk museums in China,the research in this paper is expected to provide new ideas for the exhibition planning of folk museums,and further enrich the theory and technology of augmented reality technology in the exhibition design of folk museums.
Keywords/Search Tags:Museum Experience, Augmented Reality, Hui Culture Folk Museum, Display Design, Visitor Experience
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