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Chinese-english Translation Skills For Avoiding Redundancy From The Perspective Of Communicative Translation Theory

Posted on:2018-09-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As energy problems have gradually become an important issue in society,the translation of energy texts has attracted wide attention.But influenced by Chinese and western cultures and the mode of thinking,differences between English and Chinese often lead to inconsistency in bilingual texts,and cause information imbalance in translation,namely redundancy imbalance.There is often excessive redundancy in Chinese-English translation,so the research on translation skills for dealing with redundant information will directly affect the effective delivery and accurate reproduction of primitive information.In this paper,the author selects Thorium-based Molten Salt Reactor System as a case study,and explores C-E translation skills for avoiding redundancy from the perspective of communicative translation theory.Based on domestic and foreign scholars' researches on energy texts and redundant information,through an analysis of redundancy phenomena and causes in terms of semantics,syntactic and culture in C-E translation,the author chooses the communicative translation theory as guidance,selects thirty-one translation examples and applies omission and adaptation to eliminate redundancy and seek simplicity.To achieve redundancy balance,translators can make the discussion more objective and the theme clearer by omitting superfluous Chinese words and rhetoric;and use adaptation to adjust Chinese redundancy appropriately by converting the part of speech,sentence structure and logical relation.In the process,the author first compares the original translation and revised translation,pays attention to translation details and analyzes translation strategies for avoiding redundancy,which aims to achieve the communicative purpose.Secondly,the author reflects over the process of solving problems of before,during and after C-E translation,and provides translators with suggestions for future research on C-E translation of similar texts.By doing the C-E translation of Thorium-based Molten Salt Reactor System,the author hopes that this paper,on the one hand,can effectively summarize translation skills for avoiding redundancy and improve the translation quality of energy texts;on the other hand,it can deepen the guiding significance of translation theories and provide reference significance for future translation activities.
Keywords/Search Tags:C-E translation, redundancy, communicative translation, translation skills, energy texts
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