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A Report On The C-E Consecutive Interpreting Of The Documentary Series National Treasure Episode 8 From The Perspective Of Newmark's Communicative Translation Theory

Posted on:2020-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With China's development and regained "cultural confidence",more and more Chinese cultural products have exerted their influences globally.Released at the end of 2017,National Treasure is a highly-praised cultural documentary series by CCTV.It attracted public attention in a short time because of its profound cultural contents,creative form,and the possibility of introducing Chinese culture to the world.At the linguistic level,this cultural documentary is composed of informative,vocative,colloquial and rhetorical features,which challenges the interpreter in exerting multiple tactics to provide target audience a clear delivery.Moreover,due to the fundamental differences between interpreting and written translation,the interpreter faces a dilemma of balancing accuracy and brevity.This report focuses on National Treasure episode 8.Under the guidance of Newmark's communicative translation theory,it mainly discusses the application of appropriate interpreting tactics in different text types,so that the same effect on target audience as close as to that obtained on the audience of the original can be achieved.It summarizes five main difficulties after analyzing some interpreting examples and proposes five interpreting tactics correspondingly,in order to have a deeper insight into the interpreting of cultural documentaries.Specifically literal translation is adopted for informative texts,syntactic conversion for vocative texts,reorganization for colloquial texts,deletion for rhetorical devices and contextual explanation for non-equivalences in cultural-loaded texts.It is found that during the interpreting of cultural documentaries,the interpreter should observe the principles of "simplicity" "brevity" and "clarity",choose suitable tactics to deal with different texts and achieve the intended communicative goal.Thus the author grows a deeper understanding in cultural documentary interpreting.
Keywords/Search Tags:communicative translation theory, National Treasure, Chinese-English consecutive interpreting, interpreting tactics
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