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Encourage Frugality:the Movement Of Saving Resource And Opposing Waste In Tianjin During Its Takeover(1948-1950)

Posted on:2021-03-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330611994904Subject:Chinese history
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Hard-working and plain-living are the key political advantages for Chinese Communist Party(CCP)to achieve revolutionary victory,which advocated and cultivated in the long-term revolutionary struggle,and they are the important weapons for CCP to take over cities in the process of moving from rural areas to urban.Relying on the spirit of hard-working and plain-living,the CCP successfully achieved the takeover of Tianjin.However,the hedonistic and flashy urban culture of Tianjin,as well as the psychology of fearing hardship of citizens and cadres,conflicted with the suffering culture followed by the CCP for a long time.Jumping out of the law of historical cycles,avoiding Li Zicheng's failure,turning a consumption city into a production city had become important issues for the CCP to take over the city.Diligent and thrifty thought is a manifestation of the CCP's fine traditions of hardworking and plain-living.In the early days of taking over Tianjin,the CCP tried to carry out a small-scale economy drive in response to the phenomenon of the abuse of resources such as water and electricity in work and life.In order to effectively deal with the floods in Tianjin and its surrounding areas,the CCP launched a timely saving and disaster relief campaign to help the victims survive the disaster.The concept of saving advocated by the CCP also made its debut in Tianjin with the carrying out of the theme activity of saving in the early stage.At the end of 1949,the CCP launched the Saving Resource and Opposing Waste Movement in Tianjin,which aimed to resume the development of production and support the national finance,and correct the various wrong inclination in the management work.Throughout the Saving Resource and Opposing Waste Movement,the cadres established the concept of economy and the CCP established the new economy system to solves various problems and wrong inclination exposed in the inspection.Combining saving with the establishment of new styles of work,subscription of public debt has enriched the connotation of conservation,expanded the influence scope,and popularized the saving spirit in Tianjin.The frugality of political culture within the CCP was successfully translated into the acceptable cultural symbol for the citizens by the Saving Resource and Opposing Waste Movement,striking up the encouraging frugality overture in cities.
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