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Applying Augmented Reality (AR) Technologies In Theatrical Performances In Theme Parks

Posted on:2021-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330611996219Subject:Business Administration
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Augmented reality(AR)technology has been applied to the tourism industry in recent years due to its unique characteristics,such as combination of real and virtual information,real-time interaction,three-dimensional registration,and high degree of immersion.Theme parks,as important tourist attractions,pay particular attention to AR applications.Disney,Fantawild and other tourism corporations,domestic and abroad,have promoted the application of AR in recent years,such as the AR-based performing arts projects,to enhance and enrich the tourist experience.The application of augmented reality(AR)in the field of tourism is developing rapidly,but the research of its effects is mainly from the perspective of technology,with its focus on the technology acceptance of users,and less from the perspective of consumer experience.Therefore,from the perspective of tourist experience,this research explores the experiential quality of AR tourism performing arts in the theme parks within the context of Chinese culture,and investigates its impact on the emotional experience of tourists,in order to provide theoretical and practical guidance for the applications of AR in the tourism field.Based on the systematical review and summary of relevant literature domestic and abroad,a conceptual model of "AR experience quality-emotional experience(nostalgia and emotional arousal)-sense of belonging" was proposed on the basis of the theory of transcendent experience.This study takes Fantawild theme park's tourism performing arts,“Eternal Love”,as case.Through a large sample survey of tourists who have experienced the project,SPSS 22.0,AMOS 23.0 and SmartPLS 3.0are used to analyze the survey data.On the basis of measurement model of AR tourism performing arts' perceived experiential quality,this research explores how tourists' perceived experiential quality affect their sense of belonging to the theme park through emotional experience.The analysis results are illustrated as follows:1)Through the exploratory factor analysis(EFA)and confirmatory factor analysis(CFA),the perceived experiential quality of AR theatrical performance includes five major dimensions—namely,visual appeal,heightened enjoyment,education and curiosity,escapism,and focused immersion.In the measurement model of “4E + 1I” AR experiential quality,the nature of immersion of AR is seamlessly integrated into the traditional "4E" experience economic model.2)The tourists' perceived strength of AR tourism performing arts was measured by the analysis of mean value.It is shown from the results that the average value of each dimension is ranging from 3.51 to 4.22(visual appeal-focused immersion-heightened enjoyment-education and curiosity-escapism).Except for few indicators,the score of most indicators are greater than 3.5.Moreover,the average value of all indicators reaches 3.95,indicating high level of perception of AR performing arts by tourists.Through independent-sample T test and one-way analysis of variance(ANOVA),the perceived strength of AR experiential quality shows significant differences in different demographic characteristics such as occupation,monthly income,and number of entering the theme park.3)Through the mean value analysis,the perceived intensity of emotional experience and sense of belonging was measured,and the results showed that the mean value of the nostalgic feeling and emotional arousal of tourists were 3.74 and 3.83 respectively,and the perceived strength of belongingness was 3.87.Through the difference analysis,it was found that there is a significant difference in the nostalgia perception between the demographic characteristics of education level and the behavioral characteristics of the number of entering the theme park,As for tourists' emotional arousal,there is no significant difference in the demographic characters and tourist behavior.The sense of belonging shows differences in the level of education,but there exists no significant difference in other characteristics.4)The analysis results by partial least squares structural equation model(PLS-SEM)show that the experiential quality of AR tourism performing arts perceived by tourists exerts positive effects on nostalgia(? = 0.699,p <0.001)and emotional arousal(? = 0.605,p <0.001).And,tourists' nostalgia(?= 0.415,p <0.001)and emotional arousal(? = 0.324,p <0.001)significantly affect tourists' sense of belonging.Within the formative measurement model of the AR experiential quality perceived by tourists,the impact intensity of each dimension is from escapism(0.324),heightened enjoyment(0.295),education and curiosity(0.283),focused immersion(0.212)and visual appeal(0.188)according to the analysis results of the path coefficient.5)Through the analysis of the tourists' perceived experiential quality of AR theatrical performance and emotional experience,such as mean value analysis,it is demonstrated the successful application of AR technology in the theme park of Fantawild.Tourists,immersive in AR theatrical performances,obtain transcendent experience experiences and their inner emotions are awakened and inspired,which triggers emotional reactions such as love,romance,excitement,and longing,and feel nostalgic for the era shown in the performance.All the emotional responses further promote the tourists' sense of belonging to the theme park where the performing arts project is presented.This study theoretically expands the research of transcendent experience theory,advances the research progress of tourists' experiential quality,enriches the empirical research of AR technology in the field of tourism,and innovatively launches research on the application of AR technology within the background of Chinese traditional culture.In practice,this study provides theoretical support and development inspiration for the theme park management from the aspects of tourist experience management,tourism brand marketing,and tourism project design and development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Augmented reality(AR), Tourism theatrical performance, Transcendent experience, Theme park, Fantawild
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