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A Survey Of Discourse Markers In Spoken Discourse Of Advanced Chinese Learners

Posted on:2020-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:A L LongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330614465107Subject:Chinese international education
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It is discovered that most advanced Chinese learners in TCFL can use Chinese for basic communication,but they cannot yet express themselves fluently and idiomatically in the process of communication.Discourse marker is one of the main factors affecting the coherence and purity of their oral expressions.For one thing,it has the function of modal expression and can reflect the speaker's emotional attitudes.For another,it can make the conversation smoother and act as an information prompt.However,due to the semantic fuzziness and loose syntactic structure of discourse markers,there are great obstacles in the comprehension and acquisition of advanced Chinese learners.Based on this,this paper investigates the current situation of the use of discourse markers in spoken discourse of advanced Chinese learners.Based on a large number of related research on “the discourse marker” both at home and abroad,this paper investigates the use of discourse markers in advanced Chinese learners by means of recording transcriptions and corpus analysis in combination with the theoretical foundation of the discourse marker,and compares it with status quo of the use of discourse markers of native Chinese speakers.According to the survey,two main characteristics are found.First,in terms of the use of discourse markers in discourse functions,advanced Chinese learners have the tendency of excessive use of discourse markers,and this tendency is particularly apparent in some of the learners.Second,in terms of the use of interpersonal functional discourse markers,the use of interpersonal functional discourse markers is comparatively less evident due to the great differences in individual use and obvious personal characteristics.Then,this paper analyzes the errors of discourse markers by advanced Chinese learners,and finds that there are errors in two aspects: misuse and substitution of mother tongue.At last,this paper proposes corresponding measures and suggestions for teaching and textbook editing to improve the use of discourse markers in advanced Chinese learning.
Keywords/Search Tags:Discourse Markers, Discourse Function, Interpersonal Function, TCFL
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