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The Performance Techniques Of Hawks In Court Paintings Of Ming Dynasty

Posted on:2021-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the bird-and-flower paintings was defined as a separate field in Chinese art,hawks has been a popular subject.Both court artists and literati painters composed quantities of hawk paintings,but their performance techniques are different.And they express diverse moral and aesthetic ideas.On the one hand,in the ancient china,the hawk is a symbol of power.Many court painters work to meet demand of feudal rulers.The emperor Hui Zong are also skilled in hawk painting,which is very different with later literati painters.On the other hand,painters have variety of styles.Although at the same time,the court painter Lu Ji and Lin Liang,are all good at draw the hawks,which have different performance techniques.Graceful aesthetic style does not depend on whether the artist is a court or literati painter.Colourful or ink painting style have their own merits and defects.Their diverse and appropriate art forms are worth learning,whether they want to express ideology or humanism.
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