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Research On The Trend Of Artificial Intelligence Art Design In The 21st Century

Posted on:2020-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Technology and art have been continuously infiltrating from the beginning of the human society with the "technical art" and "art and technology" under the alternation of the technical environment and the human environment.Putting this dynamic development relationship between technology and art in a specific time background and humanistic environment is the only way to promote the development of theory and practice in the respective fields of technology and art.In the 21 st century,as an important historical stage of the explosive development of artificial intelligence and the digital transformation of art,artificial intelligence art will be the fusion of technology and art in the new era.The study of artificial intelligence in the 21 st century is in line with the dual era of technology and art.This paper takes the 21 st century artificial intelligence art design trend as the research object,based on the classic works of artificial intelligence and art design expertise at home and abroad,based on the 21 st century artificial intelligence technology and art development trend,the 21 st century artificial Smart art is divided into intelligent interactive art,intelligent robot art and virtual reality art.Using the specific research methods such as literature research method,case analysis method,classification research method and interdisciplinary research method,the background,origin,definition,classification,characteristics and aesthetics of each artificial intelligence art design trend are studied in detail.By collecting a large amount of books on artificial intelligence technology and frontier research in art design,we first introduce the artificial intelligence technology that fits the art design,and then based on the penetration of artificial intelligence technology in the field of art design,artificial intelligence The trend of art design began to be classified,and the research framework of artificial intelligence art design thoughts was generally determined.Then,from the research of art,art form and aesthetic characteristics,combined with specific art works,the specific artificial intelligence art thoughts will be elaborated.At the end of the article,the author predicts the development trend of artificial intelligence art by combining the information about the future development of artificial intelligence technology and art design in the 21 st century.This paper defines the main content and direction of the research on artificial intelligence art design from the dual perspectives of art and technology,and provides basic theoretical data for the research of artificial intelligence art design.Through the research on the classification,characteristics and aesthetics of the 21 st century artificial intelligence art design,this paper establishes a preliminary framework for the research of artificial intelligence art design,theoretically enriches the system of art design research,and at the same time,through artificial intelligence.The research on the aesthetic characteristics of major art design has cultivated the aesthetic paradigm of artificial intelligence art aesthetics for artificial intelligence art audience to a certain extent.Combining with the development trend of future artificial intelligence technology,it predicts the development of future artificial intelligence art from the aspects of art content,art form and art media,and draws the micro-art form that artificial intelligence art presents in the future.A series of characteristics such as strong ethical concepts and new art media.
Keywords/Search Tags:Artificial intelligence, Artificial intelligence art, Virtual, Aesthetic, Interaction
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