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An Action Research On Genre-based Teaching Approach In Senior High School English Reading Teaching Based On Discourse Analysis Theory

Posted on:2021-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In senior high school,the cultivation of students' English reading ability plays an important role in English teaching.Reading is one of the main ways for learners to input language.The English Curriculum Standards for Senior High School(2017edition)states that students are required to be able to extract main information and viewpoints from the text,understand the meaning of the text,grasp the context of the main events in the text,and grasp the key concepts and key details in the text,identify the common cohesive relations in written discourse,infer the meaning of words according to contextual clues or non-textual information,grasp the structure and linguistic features of the text.However,students pay too much attention to grammar knowledge in the process of reading,and their understanding of the text is not enough.They do not put more focus on English reading.In order to improve the situation,the researcher used genre-based teaching approach based on discourse analysis to improve students' English reading ability and change students' attitudes toward English reading.Based on the current problems of students in English reading learning,the researcher raised two research questions:(1)What are the effects of genre-based teaching approach on students' reading ability?(2)What are the changes of student'attitudes toward reading after the application of genre-based teaching approach?Research subjects were 40 students in their first year in senior high school and the researcher applied genre-based teaching approach to English reading teaching and analyze the genre,language form and structure of the reading text on the basis of thetext,so as to cultivate students' genre awareness and improve their reading ability.This research lasted four months based on the compulsory English courses in senior high school,and the researcher learned about the changes of students' attitudes toward English reading through questionnaires and interviews.Questionnaires and tests were carried out to test students' reading ability.SPSS 22.0 was used to analyze the data of the questionnaires and the results of the tests.The research results have showed that genre-based teaching approach could promote students' reading ability.And students' attitudes toward English reading could be changed positively after the application of genre-based teaching approach.
Keywords/Search Tags:Genre-based teaching approach, discourse analysis, reading teaching, action research
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