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Translation Strategies For Long Sentences In The Social Science Text From The Perspective Of Functional Equivalence Theory

Posted on:2020-10-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of society and economy,the living standard and quality become better and better,so more and more people want to satisfy their spiritual life through reading and traveling.Under the circumstances,these books in foreign languages are gradually popular among people.The social science book is preferential to the people because of its purpose for conveying knowledge.This report is based on the translation of the social science book,Spy Chiefs(volume 1),edited by Doctor Christopher Moran and Doctor Mark Stout.Spy Chiefs tells the life of spy chiefs in different countries and analyzes the role of spy chiefs in many historical events.The first volume of Spy Chiefs is about the USA spy chiefs and the UK spy chiefs,and the second volume is about some other famous spy chiefs in other countries.Based on the translation practice of the fifth and the sixth chapters of Spy Chiefs(volume 1),this report focuses on the long sentence translation strategies guided by the functional equivalence theory.Functional equivalence theory emphasizes the response of translation readers.Therefore,the best translation should achieve equivalence both in content and form,and should not blindly pursue equivalence in form.However,English long sentence is a big problem in English translation.Before translation,we should figure out the content of English.So we should learn the background of the text and then analyze the grammar structure of the long sentence.After that,we can organize the translation according to the characteristics of Chinese in order to achieve the goal of readers' response equivalence.This report is divided into six chapters: Chapter One is concerned with the report background,the significance of the report and the literature review.Chapter Two briefly introduces the background of the task and the translation process,including pretranslation preparation,in-translation and post-translation correction.Chapter Three introduces the origin and development of functional equivalence and its guiding significance to translation.Chapter Four probes into the definition,classification and analytical method of long sentences.Chapter Five is a case study,which analyzes the translation strategies for long sentences under the guidance of the functional equivalence theory,such as sequencing,reversing and amplification and so on.Chapter Six is the summary of the report.
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