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Research On The Application Of Emotional Expression Of Oil Brush Strokes In Creation

Posted on:2021-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The strokes of oil paintings are varied,just like different people have different characteristics.Whether using unrestrained rough strokes or delicate and gentle strokes would create totally different effects.It would also express different emotional information.In some certain,the stroke and the colorful line has the same meaning.Different strokes show the artist's personality,taste,and talent,which are expressed as the artist's artistic style and personality.We could never ignore the importance of the strokes of oil painting as it plays the most important role in both emotional expression and painting skills.When studying oil painting works,it is necessary to study the oil brush strokes.Due to the fact that the artist uses his own unique brushstrokes in his painting for expressing himself,highlighting the concept of himself,and expressing works full of personal will and emotion.In terms of the meaning of painting itself,it is to express emotions,express the true self,and show the true self through brush strokes.No matter what emotions are,they are intuitively expressed in our paintings.Therefore,it is especially important to study the emotion expression of oil brush strokes.With unique strokes and creative mind,arts involve their emotion and theory into the painting.Therefore,the research of emotional expression of oil brush strokes is very essential.My essay mainly studies and analyzes the emotional expression of oil brush strokes,and the use and comprehend of brush strokes in creation,and analyzes the emotions conveyed by classic oil brush strokes in artists' works,so as to provide a more systematic and theoretical basis for oil painting creation.The first chapter of this paper introduces the development history of oil brush strokes,as well as the evolution and the style of the brush strokes.The second chapter introduces the influence of oil brush strokes on the oil painting,the relationship between the oil brush strokes and the texture of oil painting,and the importance of oil brush strokes in oil painting creation.The third chapter introduces the relationship between oil brush strokes and emotional expression,and the influence of emotional expression of brush strokes on creation.The fourth chapter uses the works of Chinese and foreign artists as example to explore and analyze thebrush strokes and emotional expression in their works.The fifth chapter is the core of this essay.It is the practice of using the emotional expression of brush strokes in author's painting,creating better and more vivid oil painting works that resonate with the audience.In the end of this chapter is the conclusion.It summarizes and comprehends the brush strokes of oil painting,analyzes the significance of the epoch value of the emotional expression of oil brush strokes?With the development of the times,the function and meaning of oil paint brushes are constantly changing.But what is certain is that the brush strokes must be closely related to emotions and unified and coordinated.and integrates thoughts and emotions into the oil painting language perfectly.In this way,the artist's unique painting language could be formed.With the explore and research,and passion for painting,you could create better oil painting works.The function and value of brush strokes are eternal.In oil painting art,we should highlight the meaning of brush strokes.Brush strokes not only show the author's thoughts and emotions,but also show their own unique aesthetic value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Modern oil painting, Brushwork texture, Emotion expression, Art practice
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