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Digestion And Generation

Posted on:2021-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the emergence of printmaking as a printing medium,the significance and value of printmaking have been constantly updated and transformed with the changes of The Times and the development of the society.In today's era of high speed operation of science and technology and information,information is full of our life,in the relationship between acceptance and acceptance,the author tries to find the "image information" reconstruction and printmaking on their own creation.From the perspective of visual images,this paper tries to gradually introduce the image itself and the way of viewing into the creative thinking of etchings,and analyzes,studies,thinks and practices the exploration and extension of image information reconstruction as a problem of thinking in print creation.Through the study and study of print language,it is necessary to find out the information connection and value of print ontology language in contemporary image reconstruction.Reconstruction of print language,will be different image information for recombination.Through this way of reconstruction,the combination of multiple information in consciousness presents a double reflection on the relationship between "them" and a discussion of multiple information between "versions" and "versions".From the multi-dimensional way of thinking about the relationship between the work and the viewer,the method and form are transformed into ideas and contents.This will be the author's own print creation "image reconstruction" using "plate" digestion and generation of exploration and extension.
Keywords/Search Tags:The plural, Printmaking language, Image reconstruction, information
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